Abraham Adler is a minor character. He has blond hair corved towards the front of his head. His eyebrows are large, thick and brown and his eyes are bluish green. His nose is pointed up, and his mouth is large and is at the very bottom of his oval shaped face. He wears green pants and a shirt with a picture of a shark on it.


When Jimmy and Cindy switch bodies and decide to declade an all out prankish war on each other, Jimmy (in Cindy's body) starts acting like Cindy and starts listing all of the boys that make her "fuzzy inside".  He is doing this to get Cindy mad. She then says "Abraham Mudface Adler..." Then a clip is shown of Abraham picking his nose then taking his finger out of his nose, turning towards Jimmy (who is in Cindy's body) looking at him, then pointing at the ground. Jimmy then goes on to say "Butch." Then a clip of Butch in the middle of bullying one of the school kids. He then puts the kid down and walks toward Jimmy. Finally Jimmy says "Maybe not Butch...". He was also in the movie.

Abraham in the film