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 April is a Gorlock who appeared in Win, Lose and Kaboom. She is a humanoid alien creature who competed on Intergalactic Showdown. Her real name is Chee Aaaaaaaaaah Doik, but she hates this name and threatens anyone who calls her by it.

With the fear of her planet's safety being on the line, she had performed a seal of trust with Jimmy which resembled a kiss which made Cindy jealous. She later shows real feelings for Jimmy after he came back to save them and helped them steal Meldar's matrix generators and end his show once and for all. Then, she kissed him again and replied "No, that was a kiss". At the end, Jimmy and April were communicating via space rock email.

The writers were planning to bring April back for season four, but since Jimmy and Cindy would be in a relationship at this point, they realized it wouldn't make sense.

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