Banana Quest
Banana Quest

Episode 26
Season 1

Previous MisSheen Impossible

Banana Quest is the final episode of Planet Sheen


When Nesmith catches a cold, Sheen figures the only way to fix him is by feeding him a banana, so he goes with Doppy and Aseefa to find one. However, Dorkus is in high pursuit of this fruit as well (believing it is some sort of treasure) and will waste no time making sure our heroes don't reach it. Can Sheen find the banana before Dorkus does?


  • This isn't the first Nicktoon to end in a cliffhanger. The first three were Hey Arnold, Danny Phantom and ironically, the original series. 
  • It is implied in The Tomorrow Boys that Sheen did eventually return to Earth. However, the futures shown by the Chrono-Arch were just predictions, so the future could still change and only Sheen can make it happen. Perhaps Sheen decided to start a new life on Zeenu. There's also speculation that Planet Sheen might be non-canon, but this isn't confirmed right now. However, in a Nickelodeon podcast, John A. Davis admitted that Sheen was better off as a character who worked in small doses, so he pretty much regrets making Planet Sheen and doesn't consider it canon. 
  • This is technically the finale to the Jimmy Neutron franchise, unless the franchise gets revived in any way. 
  • Sheen is the only character to appear in every incarnation of the franchise. 
  • There was going to be a reunion special about Jimmy and the others going to rescue Sheen, but due to low ratings, production costs and several writers moving on, it was cancelled. Another reason is because the writers were having trouble with the script.
  • When the Fruit Hobo reveals himself, it is similar to when the Wizard got exposed in the Wizard of Oz.