Breaking the fourth wall is a comedy device used in stories in which a character acknowledges the fact that they are a character in a movie or television show. Listed on this page are times in the franchise where the fourth wall is broken.

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

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Jimmy Neutron (TV Show)

  • "Party at Neutron's" - Shortly after using the Time Accelerator on Hugh's Ducks performance, Jimmy looks at the camera and winks.
    Jimmy breaks the fourth wall

    "A kid can dream, can't he?"

  • "Sorry, Wrong Era" - Leppy rewinds the entire episode. 
  • "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion" - At the end, Jimmy and Goddard look at the audience and he says "I can dream, can't I?"
  • "Send in the Clones"
    • When Romantic Jimmy approaches Cindy's house, he smiles at the camera.
    • When Evil Jimmy throws a pie at the random citizen and they smile at the screen.
    • At the end when Evil Jimmy throws a pie that covers the screen. 
  • "The Junkman Cometh"- Sheen asks Jimmy how they can survive in space without helmets and how it takes them a few minutes to get to and from other planets. Jimmy's explanation is drowned out by Carl's terrible singing.
  • "Lights! Camera! Danger!" - One of the famous movies Jimmy watches is his own.
  • "The Tomorrow Boys"
    • Carl says that Jimmy screamed for four minutes, which is how long the commercial break was.
    • Cindy smiles at the camera while saying "Some boys can't hold their punch."
  • "Stranded" - Sheen tells Carl to wait for the adventure and the Hover-Car.
  • "The Evil Beneath" - Jimmy tells the camera to go to Sheen after he finishes speaking.
  • In the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour trilogy, the characters acknowledge the fact that the Jimmy Neutron world is CGI and the Fairly Oddparents world is 2D animated.

Planet Sheen

  • In the pilot, Sheen says that Zeenuian language sounds just like English while looking at the camera.
    Sheen breaks the fourth wall

    "Wow, Zeenuian sounds exactly like English! What an incredible coincidence"

  • "Thanksgetting" - Sheen throws out the picture of his parents 
  • "There's Something About Scary"- Sheen sees Aseefa's scarier warrior face and he becomes so frightened that his clothes (except his underwear) fly off and he literally turns white. He then closes the screen out of embarassment. 
  • "Dorkus in Chains"- Nesmith turns to the audience and says "Here we go". 
  • For some reason, Nesmith can hear Sheen's internal monologue when he's writing in his star log.