Bueford Lee Stormshuckle was the warden of the Retrovile Juvenile Hall. He framed Jimmy for stealing the new Washington dollar bills, by sneaking into his lab, stealing the Hypno Ray, laser pen and for some reason, Jimmy's report card. He has a wooden leg, Italian shoes and a kidney shaped birthmark. He uses a boombox for a guard dog. He says "Dadgum prison budget cuts!" Eventually Jimmy and his friends proved Stromshuckle was the real culprit and Officer Tubbs arrested him. While Jimmy, Carl, Sheen and the Banjo Playing Boy visit him to laugh at his comeuppance, he swore that he will one day get his revenge on them. The Banjo Playing Boy knows him. He probably he used to be one of Stormshuckle's prisoners.  

It is unknown why he wanted to frame Jimmy in the first place considering neither of them had met in previous episodes. It is possible that since Jimmy is a well known genius with amazing inventions, it would be easy to frame him or he only did it for fun. 


He wears a standard prison warden uniform, and wears a cowboy hat, wears sunglasses, Italian shoes, has a Kidney shaped birth mark, and a wooden leg.


  • How can he be blinded by the reflection of Carl's glasses, when he is wearing sunglasses?
  • It is unknown why he is not part of the League of Villains.