Burp Boy

Burp Boy

Burp Boy is Carl's superhero alias. He wears pink glasses and a purple shirt with purple gloves. He is a member of the N-Men.

His alias was featured in the episode "The N-Men", where all of his friends get superpowers after a radiation. They all were taken to a government facility, except Jimmy.

In the episode "The League of Villains", Carl mixes up the N-Men packets while he is trying to rescue Jimmy and Sheen from the League of Villains. Carl turns into Invisible Sister, Sheen turns into Special Girl, Libby turns into Burp Boy, and Cindy turned into Vibrating Lad.

Carl accidentally dropped Jimmy's packet and brought Love Potion 976/J instead. Jimmy then sprayed Beautiful Gorgeous and the Junkman withe the love potion.


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