Captain Betty

Captain Betty

Captain Betty (Voiced by Jim Cummings) is an odd sailor who made his debut appearance in the episode Monster Hunt. He has also made cameo appearances in My Big Fat Spy Wedding as well as other cameos in other episodes. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.

Captain Betty only has a major appearance in the episode Monster Hunt.

In Monster Hunt, Captain Betty helps Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen look for a monster that's been haunting lake retroville. After Hugh Neutron is seen dumping Jimmy's chemical waste into the lake, the monster appears. Carl recognizes the monster at his pet turtle Snappy which Carl had to release here due to being allergic to him. Captain Betty is eaten by the turtle, while Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen watch in horror. After Carl manages to get Jimmy's de-mutation pellet down Snappy's throat, the turtle turns back to normal and spews out Captain Betty. Cap'n Betty shows Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen that he is alive, and they paddle to shore. 


  • Evidence shows that Captain Betty has seen Carl's pet turtle Snappy at least one other time before the episode Monster Hunt. When Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen meet Captain Betty for the first time, he is missing his right arm, and part of his hat has a bite mark on it. This shows that he has been attacked by the turtle sometime before.
  • Captain Betty makes numerous cameo appearances in episodes besides Monster Hunt. He also appears in Sheen's Brain, Men at Work, My Big Fat Spy Wedding, and The Trouble with Clones (although this might not count because it's only a clone of him on Evil Jimmy's cloned earth)
  • Although Captain Betty makes cameos in other episodes, he does not have any lines.