Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius

Episode 15b
Season 3
Airdate January 26, 2006
Previous The Evil Beneath
Next Who Framed Jimmy Neutron?

 Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius is the second segment of the 15th episode of the third season. 


Carl’s pen pal, Elke Elkberg is coming to Retroville to meet him, and Carl is in a panic. Carl’s been telling her that he is a boy genius, Jimmy is his assistant and Sheen is a former monkey changed in a lab experiment – and it’s made an impression on Elke. Desperate to keep her impressed, Carl begs Jimmy and Sheen to act in their new roles for the duration of Elke’s visit. When Elke arrives, Jimmy tries to be polite, but Carl calls him his lowly assistant and then rudely tells him to get her bags. Then when they get in the hovercar, Carl has no idea how to start it, nearly gets everybody killed and blames it on Jimmy. 

Then at Jimmy's lab, Elke asks Carl to bring back her favorite poet but Carl brings back Attila the Hun but sends him back with nut brownies. Then Carl and Jimmy get into a fight and Jimmy and Sheen leave. Elke says she should go, but Carl takes her for a ride in Jimmy's rocket. Then while Jimmy and Sheen are walking away, they see Carl and Elke in Jimmy's rocket and realize they could die in space. So they both get into Jimmy's second rocket and they go after them then in space. Carl and Elke are about to be hit by a meteor until Jimmy and Sheen save them. When they get back to Earth, Jimmy punches Carl in the face and is about to tell Elke the truth, but gets restrained by the idiotic Sheen before he can do anything.

Elke tells Carl that she's been lying this whole time; she's a farm girl and she loves llamas. Carl tries to tell her he's been lying too and that he's not a boy genius and he too loves llamas, but she doesn't believe him until he shows her his Llama Love Society card and she too has one. Elke accepts Carl, even if she realizes he's just a nerd, and kisses him. They go to see the new baby llama at the petting zoo while and Sheen does a Swedish poet and Jimmy tells him to stop before going back into the house.


  • The photos Carl doctored are scenes from Out Darn Spotlight, Send in the Clones, and The Mighty Wheezers appear in this episode.
  • Carl goes through serious character derailment in this episode because he constantly acts ungrateful and abusive towards Jimmy and puts all of his friends in danger with no remorse whatsoever. 
  • This could be seen as Carl getting even with Jimmy for constantly making Carl his guinea pig. 
  • This is the second time Carl puts pictures of himself over someone else's. The first was in The Junkman Cometh where he puts his picture in the place of Hugh with Judy.
  • Carl forgot the names of Jimmy's inventions.
  • When Jimmy and Carl start arguing, they appear to be the same height. 
  • This is similar to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, "I'm With Stupid", in which Patrick betrays SpongeBob to impress his folks and then starts milking the moment. 
  • At the end of the episode, Sheen quotes whom he believes to be a famous Swedish poet while saying a bunch of gibberish is easily a reference to The Swedish Chef from The Muppets.
  • Principal Willoughby was singing "His name was Rico! He was a show boy!", which is like the line "Her name was Lola! She was a show girl!" from the song Copacabana.
  • Many fans think the episode would've been better if Carl apologized to Jimmy and for being an abusive, ungrateful, and argumentative jerk to him.
  • This is the only time Jimmy hits one of his friends. 
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Season 3
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