Carl and Elke
In the episode Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius, Carl finally finds a significant other; his pen pal Elke Elkberg from Sweden.

Carl becomes nervous about meeting her because she's a teen model and tennis player and worries she won't like him as he is. So Carl lies, making it seem that he has Jimmy's life, that Jimmy is his lowly assistant, and Sheen is a former lab monkey. Elke believes everything Carl says, having no reason to believe otherwise. Carl begs Jimmy and Sheen to play their cards and they reluctantly agree.

When Elke arrives, Carl starts putting everyone in danger and forgets the names of Jimmy's inventions. He also verbally attacks Jimmy and blames him for every dangerous mistake he makes. When Jimmy and Sheen leave the lab, Elke decides to go, but Carl drags her into Jimmy's rocket.

Carl takes Elke into space and gets them stuck in a giant meteor shower. Jimmy and Sheen rescue them. Elke starts feeling sad and decides to tell Carl something, but Carl doesn't listen and continues to berate Jimmy. Jimmy gets extremely furious and punches Carl in the face, finally deciding to spill the beans to Elke, but Sheen holds him back. Elke then confesses to Carl that she's been lying and she's really a farm girl. Carl admits he's been lying too, but Elke thinks he is then lying to make her feel better. Then, Carl shows his Llama Love Society card and she realizes he is a nerd, and starts kissing him on the lips repeatedly, while Jimmy and Sheen start fighting. Then, they run off to the petting zoo to see the new llama, leaving Jimmy and Sheen confused.

Elke was supposed to return in season four, where she would officially join the gang, but since DNA Productions went out of business, this is her only appearance and Carl and Elke's relationship was a one-shot.

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