Chrono Arch

The Chrono Arch is one of Jimmy's time travel related inventions. It is a time machine which allows the user to travel into future (and possibly into the past).

Unlike Jimmy's Time Booth, this device can also allow the user to view portions of the possible future. Also, this device is able to track someone by his or her DNA, and show their future relative to a certain period of time.

This invention's display of the future is not definite. Jimmy used the arc to view his future, as well as Carl and Sheen's, and then came back minutes later to find that their futures had changed drastically due to one accidental misplacement of an item. In other words, this device does not show your future. It shows the future that you are most likely to have at the exact moment you are using the arc.


The Chrono Arch looks like a metallic futuristic device with the shape of an arc. This device somehow looks like the Metabolic Accelerator.


This machine was only used in the episode The Tomorrow Boys.