A Chrysler Town & Country commercial aired on Nickelodeon starring characters from the Jimmy Neutron franchise in 2008.

Jimmy shows his new invention to Carl and Sheen, the "Neutron Dimensionalizer", which allows anything it shoots its beam at to be turned from animated to live action. He uses it on a tree, then a squirrel and then a car, which turns into the real-life Chrysler Town & Country minivan. The boys are mind-blown by its beauty and enter. They show off all of the cool things inside such as dual DVD screens, the MP3 player, the swiveling seats and more. The commercial ends with Sheen asking Jimmy what else they could dimensionalize. Jimmy sees Cindy walking by (as she rudely sticks her tongue out at him while making a face and sound) and he gets an idea to use his invention on her.


  • The Neutron Dimensionalizer was recycled from the model for Jimmy's Shrink Ray.
  • Clips from the episodes "Ultra Sheen" and "Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen" can be seen playing on the car's DVD screens.
  • This commercial currently marks the last time Jimmy and Cindy have appeared in animation. 
  • This commercial has a more advanced (but more pale) animation for the characters.