Cindy and friends
Throughout the course of the franchise, Cindy's best friends are down-to-earth Libby Folfax and ditzy Brittany Tenelli. Their friendship is very strong and the three are usually shown hanging out together. Sometimes, they sing musical numbers in certain episodes to show off their dancing and vocal skills. Despite them being best friends, Cindy and Libby mainly hang out together and Brittany doesn't appear with them as much. 

Libby also shows a deep understanding of Cindy's actions and feelings, and can tell when Cindy is lying. Libby also knows that Cindy has a crush on Jimmy and wants her to tell him how she feels. It is also shown that Cindy is aware that Libby likes Sheen. This says very much about the strength of their friendship, as Cindy is very guarded about her feelings, and doesn't allow many people to become close to her.

Even though Cindy and Brittany don't hang out as much as Cindy and Libby do, they get along well and are good friends. Cindy likes Brittany because she's the funniest member of their friend group, although it always leaves her confused as to what's happening. Sometimes, Cindy and Libby pick on Brittany when she tries to get involved in their schemes, but they still love her and the three of them are close. 

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