Clash of the Cousins
Clash of the Cousins (Title Card)

The title card for Clash of the Cousins.

Episode 10b
Season 3
Airdate June 20, 2005
Previous Who's Your Mommy?
Next Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen

Clash of the Cousins is the tenth episode of Season 3.


Jimmy and his parents go to the Neutron family reunion and Carl and Sheen tag along. Jimmy tries to give his relatives his inventions made in his lab, but they refuse, due to his inventions backfiring such as the walking pants or the Yolkians. 

However, they finally accept his inventions, but they explode. Jimmy's baby cousin, Eddie then cries making Jimmy's parents and his relatives (except Gomer, Carl, Sheen and Goddard) believe that Jimmy is the one who destroyed their presents. Jimmy's angry parents and relatives send Jimmy to the house as punishment, even though he is innocent and he didn't do anything wrong. They don’t believe him and Aunt Amanda then tells him to take Goddard as well.

Jimmy does a DNA scan to figure out who could have made his presents explode with Gomer, Carl and Sheen helping him out. However, this all falls down to the baby, Eddie. The windows and the door shut tight and the room becomes dark. To their horror, Eddie cackles and traps Jimmy, Carl, Sheen and Gomer and in electrified fun rings. Baby Eddie then reveals his plan: to murder Jimmy's family by placing a bomb in a cake the Neutron family will enjoy in the reunion and be rich with the Neutron's fortune and he locks Jimmy and the gang in the room. 

However, Jimmy and Goddard race outside just in time to remove the bomb before it explodes immediately! Jimmy and Eddie fight, but the family except for Gomer and Carl and Sheen gets even MORE angry at Jimmy. Eddie's rattle explodes and Eddie blames Jimmy for his rattle exploding, thus talking in front of the entire family reunion. He then says in a baby voice, "Goo" with twinkle eyes, but the family already hearing him talk and believe Jimmy as they finally discovered the truth, they sentence Eddie on a leash. Baby Eddie instead of Jimmy is now punished by his mother Kari for causing trouble and then vows revenge on Jimmy.

Jimmy's parents and relatives apologize to Jimmy for not believing him and congratulate Jimmy for saving the reunion.


  • The Neutron family sang Happy Birthday in the tune of the hallelujah song.
  • One of the relatives is a caricature of John A. Davis.
  • It is revealed that Jimmy is hated by his relatives due to all the trouble he's caused.
  • This marks the only time where all of Jimmy's relatives except for Baby Eddie are seen.
  • The reason Granny Neutron was absent was because she's in Las Vegas.
  • The title's name is a play on Clash of the Titans.
  • Hugh reveals that Jimmy is actually adopted, however this was actually just a joke out of embarrassment
  • Jimmy hasn't a Brain Blast in this episode.


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