DNA Productions


Former type
TV company
1987 2012 (Relaunched)
John A. Davis
Keith Alcorn
Dallas, Texas, United States

DNA Productions, Inc. was a full service animation company based in Dallas, Texas. It was founded by Keith Alcorn and John A. Davis in 1987. Archives of the DNA Productions website ( indicate that the name DNA is "an anagram of the owners' names, Davis-n-Alcorn."

DNA produced the Jimmy Neutron franchise. DNA also produced and directed animation on the Emmy nominated holiday special, Olive, the Other Reindeer, and wrote, directed and produced the 3D animated Christmas special, Santa vs. the Snowman.

The company was shut down in 2006, shortly after the release of The Ant Bully, which was a lackluster failure. This is part of the reason why Jimmy Neutron was cancelled. Many of the employees who worked at DNA moved to Reel FX Creative Studios after the closure. Some of the staff moved to O Entertainment and founded the animation department. However, the company was revived in 2012, but it became dormant for five/six years.

Their mascot was a three-eyed monkey waving to the audience against a beach backdrop as he says, "Hi, I'm Paul!"

Logo Variants

There are different variations of the closing logo. The logo variations are as follows:

  • Paul jumps up and says, "Hi, I'm Paul!". This is the standard version.
  • Two Pauls jump up and say, "Hi, we're Paul!" at the same time.
  • Paul jumps up with a fake mustache on and says, "Hola, soy Pablo!" followed by his mustache falling off.
  • A reverse of the normal logo, which sounds like "Aw, my eye."
  • Paul jumps up and says, "So what do you want me to say now?"
  • Paul jumps up and says in confusion, "Hi, I--line?"
  • Paul jumps up and says, "Hi I'm--running in the water!" This is the first lost variant that Paul won't stay still.
  • Paul jumps up and says, "Hi I'm--oh, forget it!" Paul runs away where he's not staying still.
  • Paul jumps up one last time and says, "Hi I'm--I quit!" Paul slaps his nose and his arm falls down.
  • Paul is nowhere to be seen, and a man off-screen says, "Paul?"
    • This is a reference to the company going out of business.
  • Before Paul's idents, there was a logo with Helix, the purple two-tailed cat-like creature with tails making a DNA helix and wearing a laboratory coat, in a black/chestnut/orangle circle that said, "DNA PRODUCTIONS INC." This logo was used for the pilot.