Dorkus in Chains
Dorkus in Chains

Episode 15B
Season 1
Invention Chains
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Dorkus in Chains is the second segment of the 15th episode of Planet Sheen


In another attempt to destroy Sheen, Dorkus plots to set Sheen in a trap at a dinner party. However, the two get chained together and end up in the big underground, where they encounter a giant glow worm. Can they work together and escape alive?


  • Nesmith breaks the fourth wall when he says his catchphrase to the audience.
  • It is revealed that Nesmith knew about Dorkus' vendetta against Sheen, but he never told him due to Sheen being as dumb as a brick.
  • Even after this episode, Sheen still doesn't realize that Dorkus wants to kill him.