Elke Elkberg is Carl's pen pal, female counterpart and love interest in "Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius."

She lives on a farm in Sweden, and she came to America to buy llama feed. Carl lied to her that he was a boy genius, Jimmy was his lowly assistant and that he changed Sheen from a monkey to a human to sound more likeable, and Elke told Carl that she was a professional tennis player and a supermodel with the same intention.

At the end of the episode, she told Carl that she lied about her life and interests and Carl admitted that he had, too. At first, Elke didn't believe Carl because she thought that he was lying to make her feel better, until they both pulled out their Llama Love Society membership cards. After learning the truth, she kissed Carl several times (disregarding almost getting killed because of him). Then the couple ran off to go see a baby llama at the petting zoo, holding hands, leaving Jimmy and Sheen confused as to what had happened. 


  • "Come. Let me kiss you so many times, Nerd Boy!"
  • "Carl, is too fast. Slow down!" 


  • Elke is the second member of the Llama Love Society.
  • She has a beauty mark.
  • Grey Griffin would later voice Inga, another guest character in Back at the Barnyard
  • She seems to have the same color scheme as Cindy, and similar style: blonde hair, green shirt and hair pulled up.
  • She might be a stereotype, but a slight one; the only thing that seems stereotypical is her hairstyle, silly accent, the fact that she's not too bright and broken English. Other than that, the clothing makes her look like a typical American girl of the 2000's.
  • She's the only girl in Carl's life to ever kiss him and the only girl in the franchise to kiss someone other than Jimmy onscreen. 
  • Ironically, Elke believed Carl when he was obviously lying and didn't believe him when he was clearly being honest.
  • Elke would've returned in season four and would've become an official part of Team Neutron.


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