Fire Waffle


Zeenuian Food

The Fire Waffles are a species of food creature that live on Planet Zeenu.


The fire waffles are small and square tan waffle-looking creatures that don't seem to have any visible eyes, but can easily know their surrondings. They also have mouths that blend into their waffle bodies. Their bottom corners are a little bent in a curve shape, since they need to walk.


The fire waffles are fighty when someone trys to eat them, but are quite obedient as well, and will take orders from someone who speaks their language. These creatures are able to blow fire out their mouths, and this ability is what gives the species their name. Their fire-breathing stunts often lead to melting solids, such as cheese.


The fire waffles have only appeared in one episode of Planet Sheen, Torzilla. They also appeared in an arcade game featured on titled Been There, Sheen That.


  • Fire Waffle is the 14th language Aseefa learned at school.

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