Flippy was Hugh's dummy and later a villain in one episode.

Flippy got on Judy's nerves after Hugh spent all the grocery money on him. Much to her pleasure, Jimmy was forced to use him as firewood to launch the monster strapped to the rocket in "Attack of the Twonkies" back to Twonkus-3.

Later, Flippy reappeared in the episode of the same name as Flippy 2 that looks exactly like the original. Jimmy put a funny chip into Flippy to improve Hugh's jokes. But since the chip was connected to the brain, Flippy came to life by slowly starting to steal Hugh's brain, leaving him a mindless zombie. Jimmy was able to defeat Flippy and turned him back into a lifeless puppet, thus returning Hugh back to normal. But at the end of the episode, it was shown he might still be alive.


  • He is a parody of Slappy The Dummy in the Goosebumps books and television show series.

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