General Ernest Abercrombie is the commander of Area-86, Retroville's military installation. His military insignia gives him a rank of a Lieutenant General.

In the movie, he sends out a group of planes to hunt down and investigate the thing if its a UFO. But its revealed to be Jimmy, Carl, and Goddard.

In the series he was seen in episode The N-Men, taking the N-Men except Jimmy to area-86. He then was seen leading the army against Hulk Jimmy (just like Gen. Ross leading the army against the Hulk) after seen that Jimmy is too strong for them he let the N-Men handle Jimmy. But he said (the army) get lucky the N-Men will destroy each other.

In Substitute Creature we learn that he was a pupil of Winifred Fowl, who reminded him that he's still delinquent for a homework assignment by 28 years.



Captain: "General Abercrombie. We've got a report of a 50-foot green woman marauding through Retroville, Sir."

Abercrombie: "Thank you, Captain, but I'm looking for a shorter woman. One who enjoys long strolls in the park and yodeling to the oldies." 

Captain: "She's not looking for a date, sir. She's terrorizing the town."

Abercrombie: "Is there a difference? (**Abercrombie laughs**) Ha, ha, ha! Little levity. Call in the military!"

Captain: "Um, we are the military, sir."

Abercrombie: "Boy, we got here fast! We better do something, right?"

Captain: "Should I scramble the jets, General?"

Abercrombie: "No thanks! I'll just have a muffin and some coffee!"

Abercrombie: "Attention, giant woman. If you do not stop being 50-feet tall immediately we're going to fire our boom-boom pointy things at you. Missing you initially, but then we're going to... (his jet's radar beeps) HOLY COW! IT'S WINIFRED FOWL!"


His lack of military tactics and/or professionalism could be an ode to General James Abercrombie, who was a British Army general and commander-in-chief of forces in North America during the French and Indian War, best known for the disastrous British losses in the 1758 Battle of Carillon.