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Giggles the Clown preforming a boring trick at Jimmy's birthday party.

Giggles the Clown is a citizen of Retroville.

Giggles the clown or Giggles the "boring voiced" clown is a minor character. He appeared at Jimmy Neutron's birthday party in Hypno-Birthday to You. He preforms tricks, like most clowns, but when he runs out of tricks he preforms very boring tricks. Such as, pulling the "dry clean only" tag out of his hat. He appeared as a cameo in "Foul Bull" and "Sheen's Brain".

Physical Appearance

Giggles has thick eyebrows that resemble a unibrow, wears glasses and has rainbow colored hair. He is often seen wearing face paint because he is a clown. He also wears an orange hat. His facial structure and eyebrows resemble that of Pitz , but it is not certain if they are the same character.


Hypno-Birthday to You

Foul Bull (cameo)

Sheen's Brain (cameo)


"I'm the clown."

"Hey, here's a nother one, kids."

"Giggle's special..."

"And now I'm going to, um... pull a mysterious label out of my hat."

"Dry clean only."


  • He closely resembles Pitz.