Goddard and Roxy
In The Junkman Cometh, Goddard develops a crush on The Junkman's dog, Roxy.

Jimmy, Goddard, Carl, Sheen, Brobot and Brobot's parents get abducted by the Junkman and his space dog, Roxy to be sold to other aliens. In the meantime, Goddard is smitten with Roxy and tries to give her a bouquet of dog bones, which she rejects.

When they are about to escape, Roxy is about to attack Goddard, but then he charms her and he dips her saying "Oh baby" in the style of Barry White. The others are touched by this, but vaguely creeped out. The Junkman tells Roxy to stop kissing the new lamp, but Goddard convinces her to attack her owner. Unfortunately, the Junkman breaks his promise to the gang and leaves with a saddened Roxy.

Had Goddard gone with Cindy, Carl and Libby to rescue Jimmy and Sheen in The League of Villains, he probably would've reunited with Roxy.

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