Grumpy Young Men (Title Card)

(Opening shot: Iris into a close up of a purple-yellow monster, cut to a terrified Carl, then a frightened lady, followed by a terrified Sheen, it is revealed to be a poster at a video store visited by Jimmy, Carl and Sheen)

Jimmy: I don't know, guys. $15 is a lot of money.

Carl: Well, Doombringer II is a lot of game, Jim.

Sheen: Now, remember (he takes hand of the said game) it's for mature players only, so act even more maturer-er than we usually do. I'll try and grow a mustache.

(He tries to do so, only to realize nothing happens)

Jimmy: My dad's over 18. I'll act like him.

(Cut to Doombringer II and three dollar bills and four grey coins being placed in the counter by Jimmy with Carl with ice cream in the background)

Jimmy: (mature-ish) Well, howdy there, Clerky Clerkotron.

Clerky Clerkotron: (hands the objects) Beat it kids, it is for mature players, only due to violence, exaggerated mayhem and old lady kicking.

Sheen: That's not fair! We're highly mature. (pounds fist) I demand my constipational rights.

(The three get the boot, cut to the next shot with Sheen raising his arm from the bottom-left corner with Jimmy and Carl next to him)

Sheen: (O.S.) How 'dare' he throw your father out of the store!

Jimmy: Come on guys, Let's go do something "age-appropriate."

(They leave the scene, except for Sheen who gets the rest of his body back to the scene. About to return to the store, with an evil grin on his face)

Sheen: Hey you, check it out. I'm staring at it with both eyes, and you can't stop me.

(The clerk throws the ice cream onto Sheen's eye)

Sheen: (grunts) I stand correctly.

(Cut to the boys walking home)

Carl: (sighs) I wish I could be 18 years old right now.

Jimmy: Hmm, I suppose theoretically a person could accelerate his metabolism to make himself 18, but it would be highly unethical.

(Carl and Sheen gasp)

Sheen: You mean the only thing standing between us and hot multiplayer action is the difference between right and wrong?

(They pause, staring at each other and start running)

Jimmy: Well, yeah, but guys... (He is dragged by Sheen and Carl as the camera starts zooming his atom symbol red shirt) Whoa!

(Cut to: Jimmy's lab. Metabolic Accelerator)

Carl: So, um... how's it work?

Jimmy: Allow me to demonstrate using this acorn. (he throws it into the accelerator, disappears)


The end.

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