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Hugh Neutron
Hugh Neutron2-0

Hugh Neutron, Jimmy Neutron's father

Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Relationship Judy Neutron
Family Judy Neutron (wife),

Jimmy Neutron (son), Granny Neutron (mother), unnamed father (assumed to be deceased)

Friends Judy Neutron, Jimmy Neutron, Ebenezer Wheezer, Mr. Estevez
Likes Ducks, Pies, his family
Dislikes Raisins, crabgrass

Voice Actor Mark DeCarlo

Hubert Beaumont "Hugh" Neutron is a main character in the Jimmy Neutron franchise. He is Jimmy's father and Judy's husband.


Hugh is a tall man who wears glasses and a blue sweater vest with a red tie. In the 1998 pilot, he wears a blue suit jacket instead of a sweater vest. He also has an unusually shaped nose which most Neutrons have (aside from Jimmy and Baby Eddie). Hugh's personality seems to be on the quirky side of things and he is the sort of person who prefers to do things his way. Despite his odd sides and absent-mindedness, he is fatherly, caring, well-meaning, and good-natured. He loves ducks and pie. 

Hugh seems dim-witted, but is actually very smart and competent (which Jimmy has inherited). He loves to clean and polish his models of ducks and sometimes will even talk to them. He refers to his wife as "Sugar Booger". Hugh probably did gymnastics at one point as he uses this to evade Poultra in "The Eggpire Strikes Back."



  • Despite Hugh's dim-witted demeanor, it is actually from his side of the family where Jimmy gets his genius gene from.
  • In "Nightmare in Retroville," it is seen that in some ways, Octopus Man is to Hugh what Ultra Lord is to Sheen.
  • He is shown in "The Eggpire Strikes Back" to be in surprisingly good shape when he uses gymnastics to get away from Poultra.
  • In "Time is Money", it is revealed that once, Hugh had an opportunity to go into business with McSpanky's and make a fortune, but chose instead to use his investment money to buy a wedding ring for Judy. If he did invest, he would've become a rich snob and a cruel parent to Jimmy. 
  • Despite the implication that the Neutrons moved to Retroville only a few years before the start of the series (mostly Cindy's bitterness towards being the smartest child in Retroville until Jimmy moved to Retroville), Hugh and Judy were seen living in the same house, even before they were married, which could mean that Cindy moved in. 
  • Hugh's favorite kind of pizza is hot fudge and anchovy as mentioned in, Sleepless in Retroville
  • As seen in "Attack of The Twonkies," Hugh is a master at slow motion.
  • He loves to eat the grapes that roll away from their container at the supermarket, especially to stop them from becoming raisins, which he hates.
  • Jimmy's relationship with his parents is very strong, but due to him being shown to spend more time with his father, Jimmy has a slightly stronger bond with him.
  • Out of all of the character design changes after the movie made for the TV show, Hugh's is the most minor, his glasses were a gold color in the movie, but in the TV show, they became a silver color.


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