Hyper Corn

Episode 3
Season 0
Invention Hyper Cube
Previous Cookie Time
Next New Dog, Old Tricks

 Hyper Corn is the third Jimmy Neutron short. 


Jimmy creates a new device called the "Hyper Cube." The Hyper Cube can store an unlimited amount of items and gives Goddard a tasty bone. Jimmy is then called to dinner by his mom. The Neutron's are having creamed corn, which Jimmy dosen't like. Jimmy stuffs the corn in his Hyper Cube, Jimmy says he's stuffed but his dad gives him more corn, upsetting him. He then stuffs the corn into his Hyper Cube again. Then, his dad thinks it's a Rubik's Cube. When he tries to solve it, He pushes the button on top, causing lots of creamed corn to burst out. Jimmy tries it and then, he likes it.


  • This is the last short to feature Hugh in his old blazer.
  • In the teaser trailer for the movie, Jimmy is wearing his striped shirt from the pilot, and after when the creamed corn bursts out from the Hyper Cube, Judy yells out "Jimmy!".
  • An online game was made based off the short of the same name, and was similar to Q*Bert.


This is a video of the short.

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