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Hypno-Birthday To You
Hypno-Birthday To You (Title Card)

The title card for Hypno-Birthday To You.

Episode 9b
Season 1
Airdate November 1, 2002
Invention Hypno-beam
Previous Hall Monster
Next Krunch Time
"Tomorrow is Jimmy's birthday."
Jimmy's hypno command

Hypno-Birthday to You is the second segment of the ninth episode of season one. 


Jimmy uses his Hypno-beam to hypnotize his parents into thinking it is his birthday the next day, because he wanted a newer chemistry kit that contained what he needed in order to create a new Hyper Cube. The hypnotism doesn't wear off, and he so his parents believe his birthday is every day.

After many birthdays, the clown accidentally destroys the Hypno-beam with a hammer. When he does this, Jimmy's parents are no longer hypnotized, however, to teach him a lesson they don't reveal this until after they tell Jimmy that he is having his 18th birthday and he has to leave the house for college. Unfortunately, however, the clown charges a hefty fee to the Neutrons for all of the birthday parties and Jimmy is punished by having to work off the fee by cleaning at school.


  • Judy does not blink while she was being hypnotized, but Hugh does.
  • The clown is voiced by Ben Stein, who voices the pixie HP in The Fairly Oddparents.
  • Mr. Giggles works for "Clown Service", his bill includes 13 different rows. The column labels give the date (July 9th - July 18th), description of what is being charged, the price of one unit, the quantity, and the total for the row.
  • Jimmy mentions at the start of the episode that his birthday is three months away. Given that Mr. Giggle's invoice has July as the month, Jimmy's birthday is in October.
  • Some of the items that Mr. Giggle's charges includes "General Clowning" which he charges $45 to do. He performs this five different times on July 14th and ultimately charges Judy $200 for this.
    • Another charge is for "Funny Poetry" which cost $30 a unit, Mr. Giggles does this 5 times so the total is $150.
    • It appears that anything added "With Style" is an extra $15 compared to that same unit without style. (Balloon Art WS and Mime WS compared to their counterparts without any style).
    • Retroville has a 4% tax rate as seen on the invoice. Subtracting the $70 tax from the grand total of the invoice ($1695) gives you $1625. Divide this amount by $70 gives you roughly 4%.
    • On the second day of Jimmy's birthday if you listen carefully in the background, you can hear a kid say "Yeah, when I grow up."


  • When Hugh says "Hiya, clown!", he walks through a table.
  • Judy's hair appears to be going through the couch when she was being hypnotized.
  • This episode takes place in July and Jimmy says that his birthday is in three months, which means that his birthday must be sometime in October, but most sources claim that Jimmy's birthday is in March.


  • Sheen: (admiring clown's abilities) Wow! That's awesome, better than awesome. That's clownificent!
  • Cindy: Let me guess Neutron, you finally drove your parents insane!
  • Libby: Yeah, something strange is happening here and we're gonna find out what it is!
  • Mrs. Neutron: (comes with the sweets) Cindy! Libby! Have some cake and goody bags!
  • Jimmy: You were saying ...?
  • Cindy and Libby: Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

Time Cards Shown:

  • The Next Day (Three times: First being the first title card, second being after "That Night", and the third time being the last title card)
  • That Night
  • Four Days Later
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