Jet Pack

The Jet Pack is a high speed method of transportation designed and developed by Jimmy Neutron. The device is integrated into his backpack for easy deployment. It is triggered by a button on the strap of his pack.

Once deployed, two rocket shaped thrusters launch out of the pack and produce high speed thrust Jimmy needs in order to get to and even from different locations.

Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius The Movie

Jimmy's jet pack made it's first appearance in the Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius movie. He used it to get home from school and also pick up a few things to as he says "Butter up" his parents into letting him go to Retroland.

After Judy Neutron says no, Jimmy tries looking for something else in his back to change her mind and accidentally activates the pack, causing his mother to be cross with him.

Jimmy Neutron: TV Series

Throughout several episodes, Jimmy has utilized the use of his jet pack in order to get to certain locations.

Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: The Attack of the Twonkies

AOTT Jet Pack

You know that no gravity is no barrier for a genius.

In the video game adaptation to Attack of the Twonkies, Jimmy constructs a jetpack out of his backpack, an oxygen tank he obtains from the music store and an eggbeater found at the Candy Bar. Once all parts are obtained, Jimmy can construct the device and use it only within the level known as Main Street Mayhem.

After saving Cindy Vortex from 3 Stompers, Jimmy decides to use the Jetpack he made in order to make his descent to the ground only to have the device fail half way down and Jimmy falls in a dumpster, then disposes it. That is the only time the jet pack can be utilized.