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Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron

Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Relationship Cindy Vortex
Betty Quinlan (slightly one-sided; formerly)
April (briefly)
Family Hugh Neutron (father)
Judy Neutron (mother)
Granny Neutron (grandmother)
Baby Eddie (cousin)
Goddard (pet)
Newt Neutron (uncle)
Amanda Neutron (aunt)
Anabelle Neutron (cousin)
Kari Neutron (cousin)
Gomer Neutron (cousin)
Friends Carl Wheezer, Sheen Estevez, Goddard, Nick Dean, Cindy Vortex, Libby Folfax, Betty Quinlan, April, Bolbi Stroganovsky
Enemies King Goobot, Professor Calamitous, Beautiful Gorgeous, Dr. Moist, The Junkman, Ooblar, Poultra, Baby Eddie, Eustace Strych, Meldar Prime, Butch Pakovski
Likes Science, winning, saving the day, having fun with his friends, adventures, discovery, showing-off (sometimes), Cindy Vortex (but hides it), Betty Quinlan (formerly)
Dislikes Being short, being made fun of, being bullied, his inventions failing, people not listening to him, Brobot, admitting when he's wrong
Voice Actor Debi Derryberry
"Gotta Blast!"
Jimmy's catchphrase.

James Isaac "Jimmy the Brain" Neutron (born March 14 which is also Pi Day=3.14) is the main protagonist of the franchise of the same name. He is the world's smartest kid. He is named after scientists Sir Isaac Newton and James Chadwick (who was nicknamed "Jimmy Neutron" due to his discovery of the neutron).

Jimmy is a genius inventor, but his inventions seem to cause more destruction than anything good and it is usually up to him and his friends to stop them. He lives in Retroville with his robot dog, Goddard and his parents Hugh and Judy Neutron. He is the leader of Team Neutron


Jimmy in 2D

Jimmy's official 2D design

Jimmy has a disproportionately large head (which appears to be larger, due to his hair), blue eyes, and a large brown cowlick hairstyle. He is often teased because he is shorter than most boys of his age.

Jimmy's wardrobe consists almost exclusively of red T-shirts that sport his trademark symbol of electrons, circling a nucleus. He also wears blue jeans and a pair of grey and white Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. His underwear consists of plaid boxer shorts, as shown in the film and in the first episode of the series, he wears knee socks. In the shorts and the film, Jimmy wore blue shorts and brown shoes. He also wears his blue lab coat (and sometimes his welding mask while working on his inventions).

In the pilot, he wore a striped shirt, brown shoes and blue shorts. 


Jimmy has an I.Q. of 210, making him the smartest Retroville citizen and he's also a complex character. In a number of episodes, his classmates are annoyed and angered because Jimmy's brilliance renders trying to win projects and competitions things pointless. In fact, Jimmy has been banned for life from the science fair to give normal kids an actual chance. This brain, a source of constant comment, allows him to invent devices that accomplish even the impossible. That might seem like a gift to most people, but to Jimmy, it often causes him trouble. 

He designs his wild inventions to help him deal with bothersome chores and gets very curious when there's something unusual happening, however the inventions tend to have a flaw (usually caused by an obvious oversight) and his curiosity can take over him, which result in a catastrophe which only he can solve. He's rarely ever thanked however as people usually know the problem was his fault in the first place and is usually bullied by the citizens of Retorville as well, sometimes he's even bullied by his friends. He is also shown to be shunned by his own relatives as seen in Clash of the Cousins

Jimmy and Goddard in the Strato XL

Jimmy Neutron using his rocket.

In the moment of crisis, he will urge his brain by saying, "Think, think, think!", where upon viewer enters Jimmy's ear and goes into his brain to observe its inner workings as well, as to relive a scene from the early part of the episode. Jimmy will then shout, "Brain Blast!", and arrive at the solution for whatever danger he has landed himself, his friends, or his town in. In the movie, he does not say "Think, think, think!" or "Brain Blast!" out loud, but says them in his mind. In the third season, he seems to stop brain blasting and comes up with ideas right away, with the exception being "Fundemonium".

Jimmy has a sweet personality and is a nice guy, although sometimes he can be a bit arrogant, irresponsible and a know-it-all. Jimmy is shown to be quite irritable and impatient around most people, mostly his friends. He can be friendly, but can come off as a smart-aleck or nerd occasionally. Jimmy is also shown to be lazy in several episodes and relies on his inventions to do even the simplest things for him, which causes trouble for him and everyone around him. Jimmy also never learns from his mistakes and doesn't listen to his friends when they try to warn him about something is his plans. He enjoys playing the hero, often taking a staunch stand against anyone he believes to be evil. He won't back down from his beliefs as he strongly believes in himself.

Jimmy is quite charming when he least tries to be, such as at the party, that he throws at his parents' absence in an early episode. He cares deeply for his friends, parents and Goddard. It shows that Jimmy's intelligence is not inherited from the father, but he took it from his mother, conversely from his father Hugh, who is a duck-obsessed adult.

In a few episodes such as Lights! Camera! Danger!, Jimmy is shown to be somewhat gullible and throughout the series, he loses his common sense and doesn't think his inventions and plans through. Despite all this, he never learns from his mistakes and refuses to acknowledge them. 

Sometimes though, it is hinted that Jimmy may deep down, be insecure about being super smart, as he is constantly bullied because of it and that he causes problems for everyone. He is also shown to be insecure about his small stature and loses his temper when he's mocked or reminded of it. 

In the pilot, the shorts, the movie and early episodes, he was mischievous, rambunctious, childlike, nerdier and his voice was more girly and scratchy. However since then, he has become more mature, a bit irritable and his voice is more deep and clear.


However, he does have a few weaknesses; one of them is his poor communication skills. It takes him hours to explain things the "Science way" and people find his explanations very complicated and would ask for a shorter version of his story instead, leading some to believe he might be slightly autistic. Cindy calls him silver-tongued (in a sarcastic way) in his lab, in the episode "Love Potion 976/J" after he improves its interior appearance, which is accessible to him only, by means of a DNA scan from his hair.

In the episode, Lights! Camera! Danger!, Jimmy is revealed to be a bad artist and writer. But in the movie, he can draw fairly well. 


Jimmy and Goddard in Jimmy's room.


Jimmy's inventions include, but are not limited to Goddard, a time machine, the Nanobots, and many more. He has several gum and candy-based inventions, which include The Neutronic Air Gum, that allow humans to breathe under water, gum that allows one to memorize books, and candy, that satisfies all the tongue's taste buds. After eating such candy, humans develop a physiological need (addiction) for it. He also made inventions to help him with transportation, the most frequently employed being his flying rocket or hover car. He also has a game pyramid, which allows players to go inside their favorite video game, and a Cloning Machine.

Jimmy also has a watch that is able to communicate with others, thought it is not clear when he invented (or enhanced) it.

One of his most recurring inventions is his Shrink Ray, which he uses to change the size of objects or people and the Chrono Arch, a time traveling machine.

In the video games, he makes several inventions, similar to the series. Many times, he creates different types of advanced spaceships with space buses, space bikes, being able to use amusement rides to create some, and finishing with his favorite, the hovercar, which he uses almost frequently. He creates these inventions in an extensive lab, located under his clubhouse, which is accessible to him only, by means of a DNA scan from a piece of his hair.

In the Chrysler Town & Country Commercial, he introduces his newest invention: "The Neutron Dimensionalizer."

In Crime Sheen Investigation, Jimmy introduces the Ultra Shock Dance Teacher 8000 which is later used in Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen for more important reasons.


Carl Wheezer


Jimmy with Carl and Sheen

The llama-obsessed Carl Wheezer is one of Jimmy's best friends. He may not be as smart as Jimmy, but he is very loyal to him. He's willing to help Jimmy as much as possible. Normally, he plays the foils to Jimmy's genius, and sometimes solve the episode's crisis with some innocent or insane observation. Other times, he merely cause the problem. He accompanies him in his wild adventures and end up in trouble. He likes Calr because he is loyal and helps Jimmy with his experiments. 

Sheen Estevez

Sheen is Jimmy's hyperactive friend who is obsessed with Ultralord. He is responsible for a great deal of the blunders Jimmy often has to fix. He also volunteers to test Jimmy's experiments, but not nearly as often as Carl. Like Carl, he is not as smart as Jimmy. Eventually, in Sheen's Brain, Jimmy uses the Brain Drain Helmet to make him a genius, which causes his brain to increase in size; he also gains telepathic abilities and telekinesis, though Jimmy is eventually able to reverse the effects. Trouble is never far away from Sheen, as is seen in several episodes of the show.


Goddard is without a doubt, Jimmy's favorite, greatest and most reliable invention. Jimmy and Goddard clearly have a "boy and his dog" relationship and Goddard is always there to help Jimmy when he's in trouble. As shown in a few episodes (such as Best in Show, Billion Dollar Boy, Jimmy Timmy Power Hour and the movie), Jimmy cares deeply for Goddard and gets emotionally crushed when he gets hurt or loses him.

Cindy Vortex

Jimmy and Cindy

Jimmy and Cindy holding hands

Inthe majority of the franchise, Jimmy and Cindy shared a huge rivalry in both academics and physical abilities. They seem to share a love/hate relationship, though they often strive to hide their true feelings for each other, as this was revealed when Cindy almost told Jimmy that she argues against him to hide her real feelings in the episode "The N-Men". Jimmy still sees Cindy as a friend though because she keeps him on his feet. Cindy also tries to remind Jimmy of all the trouble he's caused and to think his plans through, but Jimmy doesn't listen and does what he wants instead. 

However, their relationship status is somewhat inconsistent throughout the franchise, since they never truly told each other their feelings. 

Throughout the series they seem to grow closer to another, especially in the episode "Stranded".

  • Cindy pushes Jimmy out of the way from being eaten by a giant plant.
  • Jimmy and Cindy both hug when their shivering in fear of the other dangerous plants.
  • Jimmy saves Cindy from a big snake.
  • Jimmy holds Cindy's hand when they jump off the cliff into the oasis below.
  • They build an entire apartment-like hut right next to each other.
  • Cindy gives Jimmy a smoothie after he does a Tarzan-like jump into the oasis.
  • Cindy's vine broke, but luckily Jimmy caught her.
  • Cindy and Jimmy hold hands together as they watch the sunset.
  • In the Valentine's Day special, Jimmy is exposed with love potion and is in love with Cindy. He ends up asking Cindy to be his valentine and she reluctantly accepts.
  • Jimmy kisses Cindy in "Lady Sings the News."

If season four was ordered, Jimmy and Cindy would've finally seen how pointless pretending to hate each other was and would finally end up together.

Libby Folfax

Jimmy likes Libby because she's calm and mellow. In Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen, when Yoo-Yee kidnaps Libby, he works hard to help Sheen fight him to save her.

Nick Dean

While Jimmy and Nick don't hang out much, Nick serves as a big brother towards Jimmy. He usually gives him mature advice when he is in a jam. While Nick does tease Jimmy sometimes and often sees him as an annoying little brother, they're still good friends and have a strong relationship and bond.


Jimmy has a strong and loving relationship with his parents. They are always there for him when he needs them the most, even though they get annoyed with Jimmy's rebellious and mischievous behavior, his inventions and the trouble he causes.

Sadly though, Hugh, Judy and Goddard seem to be the only relatives who care about Jimmy, since his other relatives (on Hugh's side at least) consider him a black sheep for being different as shown in Clash of the Cousins.



  • "Gotta blast!" - Jimmy's catchphrase
  • "Think, think, think! Brain Blast!" - Jimmy's catchphrase
  • "Very Capable Robots!" -??
  • "I already told you Goddard, this invention helps me bring down my ego when Cindy calls me a 'know-it-all'. It's hard to not act like a know-it-all when you actually do know it ALL." - Substitute Creature
  • "Twenty-five cents?! I'm worth at LEAST-" - Birth of a Salesman
  • "Hmm... The candy is so perfect, it seems to have developed a physiological need in people. Let the exploitation begin!!" - Krunch Time
  • "I hereby accept your nomination as mayor of Donkey Town." - Stranded
  • "I'm sorry, miss. Do I know you?" - Normal Boy
  • "Ha! Just kidding! Let's PARTY!!!" - The Eggpire Strikes Back
  • "No, but we survived by learning to help each other, and that's what makes us rich: rich in friendship!" - A Beautiful Mine
  • "(Goddard shows on screen)...Go back in time and tell Cindy you will lose the contest.' Jimmy: Goddard, whose side are you ON?!!..." - Birth of a Salesman
  • "This is going to be a memorable Halloween Goddard. That is if we survive." - Nightmare in Retroville
  • "That's a nice story, girls, but as it stands, I'M WINNING THIS CONTEST!!!" - Birth of a Salesman
  • (Jimmy talking to Cindy) "I can't talk, I can't think. Everywhere I go, you're there!"
    Cindy: "What kind of sick joke is this?"
    Jimmy: "Oh, you're gonna make me say it, aren't you? Okay, then, I'll say it..... I love you, Cindy Vortex!" - Love Potion 976/J
  • "I've developed a plan in case the ninjas return." - Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen
  • "I'm dead! I'm streaking, and I'm dead." - Jimmy Goes to College
  • (Goddard shows on screen) "'Cheat'... Cheating would be dishonest... But I'm too blinded by my desire to beat Cindy to care!!" - Maximum Hugh
  • "Gentlemen, I give you the Brain Drain 8000. The same dumbing down technology used by top radio personalities." - Normal Boy
  • "I may have made a tiny miscalculation...!" -Jimmy on Ice
  • "By the way, the guys told me about the Candy Bar. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to erase your short term memory." -The Eggpire Strikes Back
  • "I hate where this is going..." -Attack of the Twonkies
  • "Um, Cindy, I know you've been through a lot the past few hours, but, um... Get OUTTA MY LAB!!!" -Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
  • "Gentlemen, I give you: our UltraLord thief!" -Crime Sheen Investigation
  • "Sheen, NO!! That's highly concentrated essence of sour!!" -Krunch Time
  • "I can't maintain top speed! My rocket must've been damaged when it landed! Wonder who was driving?!" -The League of Villains
  • "A striped moon?! That's a meteorological impossibility!!" -Win Lose and Kaboom!
  • "If you think you can do a better job, then just SAY SO!!" -Win Lose and Kaboom!
  • "Me see you soon day!! ...'Me see you soon day'?! What a stupid thing to say! Wait, why should I care what Cindy thinks? And why did I get lost in her limpid green eyes?! I've been in the lab too long!" -Love Potion 976/J
  • "I'll tell you what's clear: you're a loony old boat jockey with salt on the brain!! And I'll tell you what else! This voyage is OVER, unless someone can explain, in the next ten seconds, how a giant, reptilian monster could POSSIBLY exist in a manmade, freshwater ecosystem!!!" -Monster Hunt
  • "You're going back to the lab and I'm going to declone you!" -Send in the Clones
  • "Uh, Sheen, ya might wanna hold off on the taunting for just a few more minutes...!" -Sorry, Wrong Era
  • "Right about... (points) there... Long-range space scanners have detected the ion trails, indicating the departure route left by whatever alien intelligence has abducted our parents. And as you can see, they lead us to somewhere in the Orion star system approximately three million light years away... So that means we'll have to leave by Friday. Okay, that gives us two days to collect the necessary plutonium, design and test our fusion engines, and build our fleet of interstellar warships. We'll also need to bring snacks! Any questions??" -Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius


  • In the episode "Grumpy Young Men", he has a head similar to Albert Einstein.
  • In the shorts, pilot and the movie, his voice was more scratchy. Now, his voice is more deep and clear.
  • In the Japanese dub of the series, Jimmy is voiced by Ryouko Shiraishi.
  • Throughout the show, it is constantly hinted at that Jimmy inherited his intelligence from his mother, who has shown certain degrees of brilliance herself like when in "See Jimmy Run", she explains how the overwhelming speed of the shoes could cause his shoes to meltdown. In fact, in the book Genius 101, he even comments on Judy's cleverness and Hugh's bumbling nature, saying that is quite obvious where he got his intellect. However, in "Clash of the Cousins", Jimmy analyzed the "Neutron genius gene" which actually comes from his father's side of the family. Although, it is a possibility that both sides of the family carry an individual genius gene.
  • Jimmy Neutron makes an appearance in Bleedman's character chart with other familiar cartoon characters. He is seen wearing a Megaville elementary school uniform, it is revealed that he and his family had moved from Retroville to Megaville, the city that's in Bleedman's popular webcomic: PowerPuff Girls Doujinshi.
  • He has an IQ of 210.
  • In the pilot Runaway Rocketboy, he wears a striped shirt instead of the one with a drawing of an atom.
  • Jimmy's name was originally Johnny Quasar.
  • In Planet Sheen, he is only mentioned in the pilot. It is unknown why he and the others don't go looking for Sheen. 
  • His hairstyle in Love Potion 976/J when dating Cindy resemble Eustace's.
  • Jimmy is the only one to appear nude in public.
  • Jimmy is also the only character who does not act as an antagonist willingly.
  • As an animation goof throughout the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour trilogy, whenever Jimmy is seen in 2D his watch constantly disappears off his wrist.
  • Jimmy is similar to Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory:
    • Both are genuises. 
    • Both are short.
    • Both have mothers who are housewifes.
    • Both have collectioner fathers.
    • Both have adventures that're caused by their inventions. 
    • Both have pets.
    • Both were flagships of their respective networks (Jimmy for Nickelodeon and Dexter for Cartoon Network). 
    • Both are fond of superheroes. Jimmy: Jet Fusion; Dexter: Major Glory
      • But, unlike Dexter, Jimmy has friends and is an only child. Also, his parents are aware of his laboratory and his shenanigans (and so does all of Retroville), treating it much like daily life, he is more humble than Dexter and Jimmy doesn't spend his time cooped up in his lab everyday and actually goes outside to enjoy normal kids activities like sports and video games.


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