(Opening shot: Iris in to a fire blazing the screen, which fades to reveal Jimmy, wearing a gas mask and using a burning device. He throws the second out of frame before raising his mask.)

Jimmy: There, my Interdimensional Portal update's done.

(Wide shot as he removes his masks; he has set up his Interdimensional Portal from "Win, Lose and Kaboom" and "When Nerds Collide". Carl and Sheen sit on it.)

Jimmy: And I couldn't have done it without the help of my two best friends. (Close-up of Sheen; zoom out to frame Carl alongside.)
Sheen: portal smell.
Carl: Think the three of us will still be best friends when we're grown up? (Jimmy walks past.)
Jimmy: Sure, Carl. We are a team, like the Three Musketeers – (He puts the burner in a box.) – or Feldman, Kraus and McDipple .
Sheen: Yeah! We'll always - (stammers) Who are Feldman, Kraus and McDipple?
Jimmy: Inventors of open-air satellite communication.
Carl: (raising hand) I wanna be Feldman!
Sheen: No, way! (shakes him) How come you're always Feldman?!
Carl: I've never been Feldman!
Sheen: You're McDipple!

(They continue their argument with a round of annoyed growls under Jimmy's next line.)

Jimmy: Guys, guys! The point is, if we're best friends – (they stop growling.)nothing's gonna ever change that.

(Now Jimmy approaches a toolbox-esque panel with binoculars on it; he looks into it as Carl and Sheen join him.)

Jimmy: Now, let's see what our neighboring dimensions are up to.

(Carl and Sheen stand behind Jimmy on either side; cut to his binocular view on the start of the next line. Here, we see a trio of red sauce-like monsters standing in a desert dimension.)

Jimmy: (from o.s.) There are the Chili People of Ragis 5... (Scene changes to three Yolkians on Yolkis; one of them falls out of sight.) There are the Yolkians...

(Cut to frame Jimmy; as he leans away, the binoculars display a 2D view of a house.)

Jimmy: Hey, there's Timmy Turner!

(As he speaks, the view zooms in on the binoculars until we fully arrive what he saw: Timmy Turner, standing on his front doorstep. He walks down the walkway bouncing a basketball on one glove; close-up of him.)

Timmy: Ah, what a day.

A.J.: (from inside) I'm not free, Timmy.

Jimmy: You're going down, Turner!

Timmy: You're goin' down, Neutron!

Wanda: Actually, you're both goin' down.

Sheen: Jimmy and Timmy are friends!? You know what that means, do you!? Do you? (He was looking at Libby)

Libby: Why are you looking at me like that?

Act One

Carl: What? I don't have any...

(On cue, Libby reaches behind his back and produces a bag. Written on the front is "Jimmy's hair".)

Carl: That's not mine.

(Libby turns the bag over; on the other side, "Property of C. Wheezer" is displayed.)

Carl: That's not me.

(Libby flips the bag back to the other side; the "Jimmy's hair" note has been replaced with a sticker of Carl's own head, and the saying "OH YES IT IS!". Cut to Cindy holding one of the hairs at the lab door.)

Act Two

Act Three

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