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In the episode Win Lose and Kaboom!, Jimmy forms a secret alliance with April the Gorlock to end Meldar's horrible game show and save their respective planets. The reason April decides to ally with Jimmy because he is the smartest member of his team and he could possibly bring all the species together to stop Meldar once and for all.

The next day, Jimmy says he's willing to help April and she kisses him on the lips, which in her culture is a symbol of trust. Naturally, Cindy gets jealous and starts to fight April, only to be ruined by her father. By this point, the two seem to have developed some feelings for each other. 

When Jimmy's team wins and the other planets are going to be blown up, Cindy pulls him back from saying anything. April tries to run to Jimmy, but she's pulled back and seems to have tears in her eyes, thinking Jimmy broke his promise. Jimmy feels bad about letting April down and convinces his friends to go back and help the other teams. After getting rid of the audience, Jimmy and Goddard fly down to the other aliens and April smiles at Jimmy. They all team up and defeat Meldar. Jimmy steals Meldar's matrix generators and gives them to April so they can be destroyed. April then kisses Jimmy again and Cindy gets angry again. They then leave and return to Earth. The next day, April sends a message to Jimmy and blows him another kiss. Cindy gets angry again and walks away. 

April was supposed to return in season four, but since at this point Jimmy and Cindy would be official, the producers realized it would be too mean spirited. 

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