Jimmy for President
Jimmy for president title

Episode 7b
Season 2
Airdate November 11, 2003
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Jimmy for President is the 8th episode of the second season of Jimmy Neutron. 


Jimmy, Sheen, Libby and Bolbi run against each other for class president. They run a brutal campaign and try everything to get everybody's votes by making ridiculous promises they most likely won't keep. When Carl is revealed to haven't voted yet, he starts breaking down and reveals that Jimmy was playing the best friend card on him with scantily clad women, Cindy bribed him with money to vote for Libby and Sheen blackmailed him with pictures from Ike's birthday party. Since they cheated, they are all disqualified and Bolbi becomes class president. They all agree that they've learned their lesson; democracy depends on integrity and they should've been honest with their audience instead of using their friends as pawns, which is what cost them their integrity. 


  • The one dollar bill Cindy gave to Carl has the DNA Productions logo on it.
  • When Sheen says "Principal Willoughby, tear down your walls!" it is similar to when Ronald Regan said "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" After saying this he holds up the Victory sign à la Richard Nixon.
  • Technically speaking, Cindy bribed Carl, not Libby, so Libby shouldn't have been disqualified. Although, Libby did also (uncharacteristically) lie to Carl before Cindy bribed him. This may be what disqualified her.
  • Nick wears a black leather jacket starting in this episode. 
  • We learn that Lindbergh Elementary School has a total of 41 pupils (Ms. Fowl counts up the votes and tallies 36... Carl is the 37th vote. Add the four candidates to get 41). 
  • The camera angle inside the voting both is similar to the camera angle shown in the the first season of Survivor
  • Camera Goofs: When Ms. Fowl was announcing the voting tallies, we see Sheen standing next to her and Jimmy (without his robotic androids) next to Sheen. After Carl announces he couldn't decide who to vote for we see (in order) Ms. Fowl, Libby, Sheen, and Jimmy (still without his robotic androids). The next scene shows Carl slowly walking to the booth. Now on stage there is Cindy and Libby, Sheen, and the two robotic women with Jimmy. 
  • This is one of those episodes before Love Potion 976/J to hint that Sheen has always loved Libby. 
  • The song playing out of Bolbi's boombox at the end of the episode is a sound a like version of Funkytown
  • This is the first time Libby lies. The second time is in Attack of the Twonkies.


Miss Fowl: Class, it's that most special time of year again!
Sheen: Summer vacation! (gets out of his seat) So long, suckers! (runs toward the door and slams into it, falling to the ground)
Miss Fowl: Sheen, must you do that every week?!
Sheen: My fellow Lindberghians! If elected President, I shall install guacamole bars in all classrooms! And UltraLord tattoos (while banging on the podium) will be mandatory!!
Sheen: Don't worry, Libby. Even if you lose today, you can still be my First Lady!
Libby: Get a life, Sheen. (pushes him off the bench)
Sheen (to Carl): You're voting for Libby?!? What is wrong with you?!? You can't vote for her!!
Carl: Why not?
Sheen: I'll give you three reasons. One, she's a female, two, she's not a boy, and three and most importantly, she's a girl!!!
Jimmy: Fellow students, I'm not going to promise you flashy clothes or polyrhythmic music or (chuckles) guacamole bars.
Sheen: That's cause you don't know the secret ingredient! (looks at Libby flirtatiously) It's love.... (makes kissing motion)
(Libby scoots her chair away from him)
Cindy (to Carl): And just to make sure we understand each other. (shakes his hand)
Carl: Um, Cindy? You accidentally left a dollar in my hand.
Cindy: (winks) Keep it.
Carl: Why?
Cindy: (chuckles) I think you know why.
Carl: I-I-I don't. Why're you winking at me? Why did you give me a dollar? My brain hurts!
Cindy: I'm paying you to vote for Libby!
Carl: Oh, I get it. I will. But why did you wink? Do you like me? (giggles)
(Cindy sighs exasperatedly)
Mrs. Fowl: 34, 35, 36– Wait a minute! Someone didn’t vote. That person needs to vote to decide the election. Who didn’t vote?
Carl: Why is everyone looking at Me? (The students glare at Carl.) I couldn’t decide, Ok?! Too much pressure!
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