Joust Friends

The title card for "Joust Friends".

Episode 3B
Season 1
Airdate October 16, 2010
Previous What's Up, Chock?
Next Thanksgetting

Joust Friends is the second segment of the third episode of Planet Sheen from season one.


When Princess Oom's gigantic, two-headed ex-boyfriend, Grish the Beautiful, returns home to Zeenu, he is not happy to find out she's in love with someone else: Sheen. A super jealous Grish challenges Sheen to a battle for Princess Oom's honor at the Palace of Pain in front of the whole kingdom. When Sheen tries to convince Grish and Oom to get back together, Grish gets more furious at Sheen for rejecting the woman of his dreams and challenges Sheen to a bigger battle.

Sheen decides his only option is to escape from Zeenu before he is forced to fight for the heart of an alien princess he does not even love, so he goes to Nesmith to see if the rocket is fixed, but Nesmith says they can't because Sheen cracked the hatch. They decide to go into the city to get some stuff to fix the hatch with. Sheen dresses up as a girl so people won't recognize him. However, his plan backfires when the route he is taking leads him to the Palace of Pain battle arena.

Sheen does win the battle, though does not like the outcome, a super-excited Princess Oom, who ruins his moment with Aseefa and gives him a raffenhoffer.


  • This is one of the rare times Sheen brings up missing home and actually wants to get back to Earth.
  • Sheen and Nesmith probably fixed the shield eventually, since its back to normal in the next episode.

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