[episode starts with Aseefa talking]

Aseefa: .... And that's why there's a big spike through the middle of the planet.

Sheen: Wow, that is so cool.

Aseefa: Well, what's earth like? Does it have a spike through it?

Sheen: No, but we do have a giant wall made of fancy dishes.

Assefa: Really?

Sheen: Yes. It's called the great wall of china. It's very fragile. That's why it's only used when guests visit.

Aseefa: Wow, you must really miss being home, huh?

Sheen: Yeah, I do sometimes. But there are some things I really like here on Zeenu. [glances nervously at Aseefa]

Oom: Sheen! Shee-ee-een! Where are you? Oh, I see you. There you are, sugar feet. [licks Sheen's feet] Hey, I don't know where you've been walking, but it's delicious.

Emperor: Sheen, my boy. We've been looking all over for you.

Sheen: Hey, Emperor, Princess Oom.

Oom: Good news. I told my super jealous ex-boyfriend Grish the Beautiful all about us.

Sheen: There is no us.

Emperor: [chuckles] Oh, Sheen, you don't have to pretend. I know all about you and my daughter Oom and your little thing going on.

Sheen: No.

Oom: Oh, silly-willy. [laughs] Of course there is. As if my heart doesn't belong to you and you alone, you beautiful hunk of an alien you.

Aseefa: Uh, okay. I guess I'll be going and leave you two to your heart thing. See you later.

Sheen: No, wait. There's no heart thing, really.

Oom: Oh, Sheen. If we didn't have a heart thing, then why would my super jealous ex-boyfriend Grish the Beautiful be heading over here to do battle with you?

Sheen: Battle? Oom: A super dangerous battle for my honor. It's standard. Grish should arrive in three, two, one....

Grish: I heard you're trying to steal my girlfriend. Oom: I'm not your girlfriend anymore, Grish. I have moved on. Sheeny and I have something super-duper special. He's so much more romantic than you ever were!

Sheen: Nope, nothing special, not romantic. I think you might have misunderstood.

Grish: I didn't misunderstood anything. I heard about it while I was in the middle of saving my 14th village from bandits.

Grish #2: It was 13.

Grish: I let you sleep through that one. It was a small village, and you were getting puffy under your eyes.

Grish #2: Why didn't you warn me? I could have double moisturized!

[will finish tomorrow! -stargirl]

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