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Judith Honey "Judy" Neutron is Jimmy's mother, Hugh's wife, and Carl's crush.


Judy is a very caring and loving mother towards Jimmy and is very affectionate towards Hugh. However, she gets frustrated with Jimmy's antics and all the trouble he causes, usually having to give him a lecture or put him in his place. Sometimes, it is hinted that Jimmy may have gotten his super intelligence from his mother, such as in See Jimmy Run. She is best friends with Carl, Cindy, Libby and Nick's mothers.

Judy's also the family mechanic—she can often be found in the garage, checking the plugs and points or adding horsepower to the family roadster. She may rule the Neutron house with an iron(ing) fist, but Judy does have a soft spot for her little Boy Genius.

Physical Appearance

Judy is tall and skinny, a beautiful 50's housewife style woman. She has brown hair in a 50's style hairdo and green eyes with green eye shadow. She wears large gold hoop earrings, and a white pearl necklace. She also wears a green sleeveless dress with small pink polka dots, green high-heel dress shoes, red lipstick, and has a mole on the left side of her face. Her nails are polished with pink nail polish.



  • Judy is hypnotized by others many times throughout the series. Most notably, in the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, she is deeply hypnotized by Timmy into thinking she is Mighty Mom. She stays in this hypnotically-brainwashed state for the entirety of the program and is never seen returning to her normal state.
  • Judy's catchphrase is "James Isaac Neutron!"
  • In the movie and the pilot, Judy sometimes wore a white apron.



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