Keeping Up With the Gronzes

Episode 5A
Season 1
Airdate November 13, 2010
Invention N/A
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Keeping Up With the Gronzes is the first segment of the fifth episode of Planet Sheen from season one. 


After Sheen teaches Zeenu about how world records work, he is obsessed with setting world records. Because of his obsess, Sheen challenges competitive librarian acrobats to a book-stacking competition. But after thinking for a while on a tall, tall stack of books about 100 feet above Zeenu's surface, Sheen learns that it's not best to be the best, and that all you have to do is try your best.


  • This is the third episode to feature Sheen in his trademark Ultra Lord shirt. 
  • We learn that Sheen can crack just about everything in his body.