Maternotron Knows Best
Maternotron knows)best title card

The title for Maternotron Knows Best.

Episode 12a
Season 2
Airdate March 9, 2004
Invention Maternotron
Previous Sheen's Brain
Next Send in the Clones

Maternotron Knows Best is an episode from the second season.


Jimmy creates a robot to replace his mother on vacation, but when it becomes too much controlling, will his mom come to the rescue in time?


  • The episode is similar to the Dexter's Laboratory episode, Maternal Combat, where Dexter creates a Mom-Droid to do his mother's chores when she falls ill and Dee-Dee gets hold of the remote to the robot and wrecks havoc, and makes another one to counter Dee-Dee. The titles are similar, too, because they both start with an "M" and end with a "T" and have the word "Matern" in them.
  • Carl and Sheen didn't figure out the robot mom wasn't Judy.
  • The bathtub scene (complete with sound alike music) is a parody of the famous bathroom scene from the classic movie Psycho. Judy and Jimmy even indirectly mention the movie "To think I step out for two measly days and you replace me with some psycho robot... with a hideous 1950’s hairdo." "No psycho robot could replace you, Mom. There’s no way I could program all your love, care and dedication into a chip."
  • Around the 6:07 mark a brief sound alike version of "Maniac" plays in the background when Judy Neutron works out.
  • Cindy's aunt Susie makes a brief appearance in this episode.

Judy: (about her nails getting manucured by a group of men while carrying her car) Wow, you have never seen a girl getting her fingers manucured.
Hugh: (whining about Maternotron) She didn't even let me play with Mr. Bath Time Ducky!!!
MaternoTron (to Jimmy): Where do you think you're going?
Jimmy: Uhh, outside?
MaternoTron: Too dangerous! Outside is where the Civil War was held! I'm putting you both on, (ferocious evil tone of voice) LOCKDOWN!
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