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Mattel is an American toy manufacturing company that makes various toy products. It made a line of Jimmy Neutron figures that came out in 2001 to 2002.

Characters Produced

List of Line Ups Produced

  • Series 1 - Heil-Pack Jimmy, Mega Grip Jimmy, Ride-On SkyCycle Goddard, Yokian (King Goobot), Nick, Gripper Grabber Goddard, Build & Blast Air Rocket, and Strato XL Rocket.
  • Series 2 - Scooter Pack Jimmy, Go Bam Goddard, Sheen, Jet Skater Carl, Kaa-Boom Box Jimmy, RC Robo Walker, Adventure Pack, Jimmy Neutron PVC, and Cindy Vortex PVC.


  • While the Series 1 toys are pretty easy to find on eBay or Amazon, the Series 2 toys are very hard to find and expensive due to how they had a very limited release in the US and were mainly in the overseas market.
  • The King Goobot figure comes with a doomstick; which was a device cut from the film, but was kept in the novelization of the film.
  • Robo-Fiend was planned to be released in Series 2, but was cancelled for unknown reasons.
  • The Heil-Pack Jimmy, Scooter Pack Jimmy and Kaa-Boom Box Jimmy figures have shirts that Jimmy never wore in any of the franchise.
  • The RC Robo Walker contains a promotional disc including Alien Nation.