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Mighty Mom is Judy Neutron's temporary alter ego, created when Timmy entered the Neutron universe and hypnotized her with the Hypno-beam. She is a reference to the Mighty Mom of the Fairly Odd Parents universe, where Timmy wishes for his parents to become superheroes, creating Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad. She is voiced by Megan Cavanagh.

In the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, Judy Neutron goes outside to scold Timmy for making a mess. Mistaking Timmy for Jimmy, she attempts to ground him for talking back to her. Sheen suggests that Timmy uses the Hypno-beam to get her off his back causing Timmy ignore her. Judy yells "DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME? I SAID YOU'RE--" and is hypnotized by Timmy before she can finish. Timmy expresses amusement over being able to easily mind control Judy through the Hypno-beam's hypnosis, and tells her to think she is "Mighty Mom". The freshly hypnotized Judy immediately accepts the hypnotic suggestion and begins spinning around, transforming into Mighty Mom, grime cleaning hero of domestic order. She quickly sticks out her hands and "flies" into the house.

The hypnotized Judy is next seen attacking dust bunnies under the couch. When Hugh walks over, she recognizes him as Lint Boy, her sidekick. Later, she is seen "flying" around the backyard, heading towards the "Mom-lair". The next time Judy is seen, she is heroically standing on a table in the living room, still obviously under Timmy's mind control. She hypnotically recognizes one of Hugh's ducks as Dr. Mildew, and obliviously sprays it down with cleaner fluid. In a later scene, Judy appears once again, clearly still very deeply hypnotized. She is weakened by rotten leftovers in the fridge, stating they are her one weakness. Hugh closes the fridge, and she immediately recovers, resuming her hypnotically induced alter ego and "flying" off-screen.

It is unknown what happens afterwards, as Judy is never seen snapping out of her hypnotic trance.



Judy getting hypnotized by Timmy.

  • The Hypno-beam brings out the creative side of Judy. After getting hypnotized by Timmy, she becomes naive and creative, creating an eccentric and silly character through her brainwashing. This shows that Judy has retained her child-like wonder even into her adult years.
  • It is possible that Judy had a case of post-hypnotic amnesia after snapping out of Timmy's hypnotic mind control, as she never mentions the Mighty Mom incident after the episode, and Jimmy is never grounded. Jimmy may have re-hypnotized Judy once he returned to his own universe and brainwashed her into forgetting about getting hypnotized by Timmy.
  • Mighty Mom is actually the name of Timmy's Mom's Alter-Ego in the Fairly Odd Parents series before the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour. In the episodes "Mighty Mom & Dyno Dad" and "Mighty Mom & Dyno Dad Meets the Crimson Chin", Timmy's Mom was Mighty Mom while Timmy's Dad is the co-existing alter-ego Dyno Dad, which the hypnotized Judy lacked in the Jimmy Neutron universe.


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