Mighty Mom is Judy Neutron's temporary alter ego, created after getting hypnotized by Timmy. She is a reference to the Mighty Mom of the Fairly Odd Parents universe, where Timmy wishes for his parents to become superheroes, creating Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad. She is voiced by Megan Cavanagh.

In the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, Judy goes outside to scold Jimmy for making a mess in the yard with his inventions. Not realizing she is actually talking to Timmy, who had just entered the Neutron universe, she attempts to ground him. Sheen recommends the Hypno-beam to Timmy, which he takes and uses to hypnotize Judy. Amused by the invention, he tells her to think she is Mighty Mom. Judy accepts the suggestion, posing like a superhero and declaring herself the super-powered defender of domestic order. She claims that her senses indicate both danger and dirt, and quickly sticks out her hands and runs into the house using her "vacuum-powered flying abilities."

Mighty Mom becomes a running gag throughout the rest of the special, doing assorted things such as attacking dust bunnies, recognizing Hugh as her sidekick Lint Boy, and combating an enemy named Dr. Mildew, who is really one of Hugh's ducks. In a later scene, Mighty Mom is weakened by green leftovers in the fridge, stating they are her one true weakness. Hugh closes the fridge and she immediately recovers, resuming her alter ego and "flying" off-screen.

Sometime after this, Judy snaps out of hypnosis and returns to normal, though this is not seen.



Judy getting hypnotized by Timmy.

  • It is possible that Judy had a case of post-hypnotic amnesia after snapping out of her trance, as she doesn't seem to remember becoming Mighty Mom, and Jimmy is never grounded.