Mr. Estevez is the father of Sheen. He is elusive and sometimes thinks that his son Sheen loves Ultra Lord more than him, which caused him to take on a superhero role. He owns an air condition repair business. Mr Estevez seems to be as big a fan of Ultra Lord as his son. He doesn't appear much in the show but when he does, he is shown be a loving blue-collared father who hopes to gain his son's admiration.


  • In How to Sink a Sub, Carl's mother reveals Mr. Estevez's name to be Harp.
  • Mr. Estevez has a cameo in the Planet Sheen episode, Thanksgetting in which Sheen shows a picture of both him and someone who appears to be Sheen's mother.

Mr. Estevez's cameo in Thanksgetting

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