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The Neutronic Game Pyramid is an invention designed and developed by Jimmy Neutron. It is a device capable of deconstructing one's particles and place them in their favorite video game. This in turn allows them to interact with the virtual world as if they were apart of it from the game's creation. In order to exit the game, it is mandatory for the players to win. The device is also designed to run more than one game and it can actually combine both game content into one.



In the episode Ultra Sheen, Jimmy developed the Neutronic Game Pyramid and asked Carl and Sheen to get their favorite videogame and come to the lab. Sheen, who was already carrying a copy of Ultra Lord vs Robo-Fiend Mega Battle on his person, placed the game in the pyramid and was defeated several times by Robo-Fiend. Jimmy entered the game in order to help him out and as a result, left the computer unguarded. Carl arrived with a copy of Llama Palooza and decided to try the Ultra Lord game Sheen brought with him. Carl ultimately inserts his own game into the pyramid and the two games combine, allowing Sheen and Jimmy to defeat Robo-Fiend, but leaving Carl in the game.


  • The Neutronic Game Pyramid only has two slots for players to enter, implying that only two players may enter. However, it is later shown that there can be more than two players when Carl enters.
  • The disc slot, while seemingly normal, can hold more than one game at a time. It is not clear as to how the pyramid decides which game dominates, but it can be inferred that the first game takes precedence.
  • Because one can only exit the Neutronic Game Pyramid when the game is won, it is unknown how Carl would be able to exit, as the Ultra Lord game has already been completed and Llama Palooza evidently does not have a plot line by which he can "win" the game.