New Dog, Old Tricks

Episode 4
Season 0
Invention Goddard
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New Dog, Old Tricks is the fourth of the seven Jimmy Neutron shorts.


Jimmy and Cindy compete over which dog is better, so they put Goddard and Humphrey in a series of tricks like speaking, fetching and playing dead.


  • This is the first time Goddard talks.
  • There is a Star Wars reference where Goddard says "Luke I am your father". He even does Darth Vader's breathing sound.
  • Cindy wears a pink dress in this episode.
  • In the teaser trailer for the movie, Goddard rebuilds himself after playing dead, and Jimmy wears his outfit from the pilot. Cindy's outfit is also different from the short.
  • An online game based off the short was released on, and was similar to Simon.


Jimmy Neutron- New Dog, Old Tricks

Jimmy Neutron- New Dog, Old Tricks