Nissa Kapadopolus is a girl that taunted Jimmy once in "See Jimmy Run". She loves to jump rope. She's a blonde Greek-American with a single missing tooth, a yellow shirt that says, "Daddy's Little Girl", and blue pants. She appears in several episodes in the background as Jimmy's classmate. She is in a relationship with Farley Pakovski.

In the movie, her notable appearance was when she told Courtney Tyler that she'd been playing on the teeter-totter when she suddenly fell off and hurt her knee. She also appeared in console version of the video game where she found in Retroland, and was in danger surrounded by space crab aliens from the Asteroid Exterior level looking for Rose. She made a cameo appearance in Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators as one of the students who panicked when Shirley poofed the school to RetroDimmsdaleville. She was teleported to RetroDimmsdaleville by Shirley there soon after.

Friends: Cindy, Libby, Amber, Britney, Courtney, Nathan, Tristan, Farley, Tina Sue etc.