Oleander is often bullied by Butch whenever both of them are in the same scene. He has curly light brown hair and wears glasses.


In the movie, Oleander informed on the news that the kids are suffering because they want their parents back. He seems to have a younger brother named Arnie.


  • Oleander has a sister named Emily Svalsbord (as revealed in "Love Potion 976/J").
  • He is voiced by Billy West (movie) and Rob Paulsen in the TV series.
  • Oleander's name is also the name of a poisonous evergreen shrub in the dogbane family, Apocynaceae.
    • It's also of Greek roots, meaning "evergreen tree".
  • Oleander's voice actor, Rob Paulsen, also does the voice of Doppy Doppweiler in Planet Sheen, Carl Wheezer, and Carl's parents in the series.

See Also

* Emily Svalsbord


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