Ooblar is the secondary antagonist of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and a minor antagonist in its TV series. He is Goobot's younger brother and former henchman. He is no longer Goobot's assistant since he was traded for sulfur butter.


Ooblar is a foil to his brother, King Goobot. Whether he is generally a serious character, Ooblar tends to be a rather comedic character, in particular when he is trying to interrogate Goddard, only for the mechanical canine to trick him into believing that he is going to self-destruct and take Ooblar with him or when he tries to check out Jimmy's communication toaster. 


Ooblar looks just like other Yolkians only his body is purple. In his debut, his body was silver.


  • "YOU LOOK MARVELOUS sunny side up sir!"
  • "You and your people will be our slaves!"



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