Paul is a creepy-looking three-eyed monkey who is the main mascot of DNA Productions. DNA and O Entertainment teamed up to create Jimmy Neutron.

DNA Productions

During production time of Jimmy Neutron, the owners of DNA wanted a little variety instead of just the same thing after every episode. So there are different things that Paul did besides just saying "Hi I'm Paul!" As a result, this has become a household name and one of the most remembered things of the franchise.

Different Paul Logos

Here is a list of all the different animations that Paul and the creators of DNA Productions did. In later reruns, it always uses the first one regardless of episode, and the final three were not used.

  • Paul jumps up and says "Hi, I'm Paul!" This is the standard version.
  • Two Pauls jump up and say, "Hi, we're Paul!" at the same time. Used in The Junkman Cometh.
  • Paul jumps up with a fake mustache (and a barely visible hat) on and says, "Hola, soy Pablo!" followed by his mustache falling off. Used in The Mighty Wheezers and Billion Dollar Boy.
  • A reverse of the normal logo, which sounds like "Oh, my eye." Used in Foul Bull and The Science Fair Affair. NOTE: If you reverse this logo, Paul's voice is not the same as the first one.
  • A reverse of the Two Paul logo, which sounds like "Aw, we're high." or "Aw, fruit pie!" This is not used anywhere.
  • Paul jumps up and says, "Hi, I'm--line?". Used in My Big Fat Spy Wedding.
  • Paul is nowhere to be seen, and a man off-screen says, "Paul?" NOTE: This was shown in the final aired episode, Lady Sings the News as a reference to the end of the series and company. It is also used in Men at Work
  • Paul jumps up and says, "Now what do you want me to say now?". Used in Attack of the Twonkies.
  • Paul jumps up and says, "Hi I'm--forget it." NOTE: Paul goes back to the bushes after he says this.
  • Paul jumps up and says, "Hi I'm--You know what, I told you." NOTE: Paul is laughing, chuckling, and giggling as he says this.
  • Paul jumps up and says, "Hi I'm--Oh, I quit!" NOTE: Paul slaps his nose as his arm falls down while saying this.