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Sheen climbing out of Jimmy's shattered rocket.

Episode 1
Season 1
Airdate August 28, 2010 (sneak peek)
October 2, 2010 (official premiere)

Next Is This Cute?

The pilot episode of Planet Sheen lacks an official name. 


One day, Sheen sneaks into Jimmy's lab, steals his brand new rocket and he blasts into outer space and crashes on the planet Zeenu. The Emperor of Zeenu mistakes him for a genius and appoints him for a Super High Royal Supreme Advisor. Dorkus (Emperor's old supreme advisor) vows to destroy him of his jealousy of Sheen. In Dorkus's first attempt, he brings Sheen into The Valley of Unpleasant Holes. He leaves him there with a vicious Chocktow named Chock Chock, but later, a Zeenuian girl named Aseefa saves him from it. Sheen befriends a chimpanzee who came to Zeenu forty years ago. The chimp, named Mr. Nesmith, agrees to help Sheen fix the rocket as long as he can get back to Earth in Jimmy's rocket, too.


  • "Hey, that was in mint condition! You owe me twenty five cents!!" - Sheen
  • "Hey, creepy alien dude." - Doppy Doppweiller
  • "Ahhh..." - Sheen


Otis and Pig Cameo - Pilot (Planet Sheen)

Otis and Pig's cameo appearance.

  • About 3.5 million viewers watched the series premiere.
  • Sheen breaks the fourth wall when he says that Zeenuian sounds exactly like English.
  • Otis and Pig from Back at the Barnyard (another franchise that Steve Oedekerk has made for Nickelodeon) made a cameo appearance in Sheen's daydream when he is in the Palace of Pain and the two waved at Sheen.
  • Doppy was only seen at the end of the episode when he passed by Sheen and said "Hey, creepy alien dude". It was not explained who Doppy was or where he came from until Is This Cute?
  • The credits state the episode's name as "Planet Sheen".
  • Due to Michael Tavera composing the music for the TV show, the music from The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire can be heard during Sheen's encounter with Bobb.
  • It is unknown why Jimmy wasn't in the lab to stop Sheen from stealing the rocket. 
  • Even though it's been established that the characters can survive in space, Jimmy's rocket has a sheild on it. Possibly so the driver won't fly out when he crashes. 


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