Pitz is a citizen of Retroville .

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Pitz in front of the Dog Pound

He is seen briefly in a several episodes and is mainly used as a very minor background character. He is seen driving a Purple Flurp truck in Substitute creature, and screaming in panic in Jimmy Goes to College . His most notable appearance is in Best in Show. In that episode he was given an actual voiced role, a name, as well as an association to the Dog Pound.


This Retroville citizen is a very minor character and is seen in the following episodes:

Physical Appearance

Pitz has black hair in the style of a bowl cut, along with heavy eyebrows (which resembles a unibrow). He wears a yellow shirt and red bow tie in Jimmy Goes to College, and Best in Show. He wears a red shirt and a white bow tie in Substitute Creature . It is not known why his outfits vary in different episodes. He has a somewhat deep, and scratchy voice


"That isn't a dog, it's a robot."

"Take him to the recycling plant."

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Pitz driving the Purple Flurp Truck.


  • His outfit in Substitute Creature is differs from his usual attire.
  • His name was revealed in Best in Show along with his voice.
  • He bears physical similarities to Giggles the Clown such as his thick eyebrows and other facial features.
  • Judging from him driving the Purple Flurp truck, and his association with the Dog Pound, this leads its leads to believe that Pitz works multiple jobs.
  • His voice actor is Phil LaMarr, who also voice Bolbi Strogansky.