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Jimmy, Carl and Sheen at Downtown Retroville

Retroville is the city where The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron is set. Evidence points to it being located in Texas, with several references as it located there (ranches nearby, warm climate, etc.) One big hint that Retroville is in Texas comes near the end of the movie, when Goddard converts to his Fly Cycle mode and is shown to have a Texas vanity license plate, saying "BAD DOG," with detailed registration stickers. Looking at Jimmy’s watch you can see that Retroville time is 12:00 and so is Chicago time, which suggests that Retroville is located in the central standard time zone. The phone number of the Candy Bar, as shown by a receipt, has a 985 area code, which is located in southern Louisiana.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 10.02.48 PM

Retroville is near a downtown area (as a possible reference to Sugar Land next to Houston). The city imposes a 4% tax rate, as seen on Mr. Giggle's invoice in the episode Hypno-Birthday To You.



  • Retro refers to old trends that have regained popularity once again, it is seen in some buildings and cars with 1940's, 1950's , and early 1960's style, and the towns Candy Bar seems to have a 1950's style design.
  • Retroville has an emergency siren system, probably built during the cold war, that sounds whenever the city is in danger. The sirens go off in "Win, Lose and Kaboom" when a meteor hurtles toward Retroville.
  • the location of retroville is most likely in Texas.

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