Safety First

Episode 11A
Season 1
Airdate November 30, 2002
Invention The Nanobots
Previous Substitute Creature
Next Crime Sheen Investigation

 Safety First is the first segment of the eleventh episode of Jimmy Neutron


A bully named Terry Finster has been giving Jimmy a rough time lately, and he's had it. Rather than go to the proper authorities, Jimmy creates an electronic bodyguard piloted by Nanobots. The Nanobots get a little overzealous, but the Jim-Tech doesn't help Jimmy's situation much and his friends become petrified of him. 


(Terry has just stolen both of Jimmy's lunches, squashing the other one.)
Libby: Jimmy, don't put up with that!! You have to tell a teacher!!
Cindy: Or your parents. Even you shouldn't have to deal with a vicious bully on a daily basis!!

Carl: What are you gonna do Jimmy?
Jimmy: Something better that all Terry Finster does.
Sheen: Cry and beg for mercy?
Jimmy: No, put science to work. When there's a lab there's a way.

Hugh: (to Jimmy): Just got a phone call from Terry's mom! Did you two have a little spat-a-roo?
Judy: Hugh, the talk?
Hugh: (clears throat) Once upon on time, a boy sparrow ... said to a girl sparrow, "Hey, nice feathers! Can I buy you some millet?" Well, the girl sparrow...
Jimmy: You know what, dad? I would really love to hear the rest, but I'm having a small emergency, bye!
Hugh: And when he got to her nest, he was alarmed to find out that her mother was a cantankerous old crow!
Judy: Hugh!


  • Carl mentions the events of When Pants Attack to Jimmy when Carl asks if the Nanobots will do anything bad like the pants did, but Jimmy says those were Nanochips.
  • Carl, Cindy, and Libby were all holding the same book when Terry stomped on Jimmy's second homemade lunch. The book's title is "Reading for Credit".
  • When The Nanobots, walks in slow-motion is a similar reference like the movie The Right Stuff (1983). When the astrounats walked.
  • This is the first episode where Jimmy and Cindy don't antagonize each other at all. The other two times are My Big Fat Spy Wedding and Lady Sings the News.
  • Carl's voice becomes more high-pitched starting with this episode. 
  • This is the only episode where Goddard walks on his hind legs. 
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