Shave the Last Dance for Me
Shave the Last Dance for Me

Episode 24A
Season 1

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Shave the Last Dance for Me is the first segment of the 24th episode of Planet Sheen


Sheen and Nesmith are busy working on the rocket, when Aseefa shows up. The Emperor has asked her to perform her people's famous folk dance, but she doesn't have a partner with a large Glimmorian mustache. Sheen says that he can grow one and decides to be her partner. Aseefa says if he was lying, she'd never trust him again. Sheen purchases a stache from the Mustache Mangler, who tells him he must stay away from cake or the mustache will turn into a ferocious monster. Dorkus takes note of this and fills the palace's entire ballroom with cakes to get rid of Sheen.


  • Sheen claims he has a dog, even though he doesn't. He could've been talking about his grandma's Chihuahua, which was mentioned in Sheen's Brain.