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Sheen&#039;s Brain (Title Card)

Part One

(Opening shot: Iris in to a close-up of the school bell. It rings, signaling the end of class. Tilt down to the classroom door; a few students exit out, first Cindy and Libby.)

Libby: Okay, that history test was haaard.

(They walk o.s. Butch and another boy exit, the former laying one hand on his head.)

Butch: Yeah. Now I know how I you guys feel when I beat on ya.

(Amber makes her way out during this, and he punches the other boy on the end. Next Carl and Jimmy exit, the former with one hand on his back and panting hard.)

Carl: "Four score and seven years ago"... (gasps for air) OXYGEN!

(Last out is Sheen, who runs out the door happily.)

Sheen: Hey, guys! Man, that test was cake! I didn't know whether to answer the questions to put frosting on 'em, am I right? Am I right?

(Ike and Maggie exit behind them as he speaks. During the ending of this, he lays one hand on Jimmy's back and shakes Carl by the shoulder.)

Jimmy: Actually, Sheen, I thought it was fairly challenging.
Sheen: Challenging? (They start to leave.) My grandma's Chihuahua could've aced it. I thought connect-the-dots drawings that were harder. (Miss Fowl sticks out the door behind him.)
Miss Fowl: SHEEEEN!!!
Sheen: Exqueeze me, Miss Fowl probably wants to congratulate me on a job well done.

(Transition to a close-up of a sheet of paper marked "History Test". Sheen's name is written in the namespace, and every question is answered with Ultra Lord themed topics. All are marked wrong by a red X, and at the top of the sheet, a big red F rests next to Sheen's name, along with four red minuses.)

Jimmy, Carl: (from o.s.) Quadruple F minus?! (Cut to frame all of them, walking down the school sidewalk.) Sheen: Well, how's that supposed to know that Ultra Lord wasn't the father of our country? That's what it says on the Ultralord website!
Jimmy: W-w-wait, didn't you write the Ultra Lord website?
Sheen: And your point? (Jimmy rolls his eyes and walks off.) Oh. Anyway... (They approach the hovercar.) Miss Fowl said if I don't pass tomorrow's math final, I'm gonna be left back!!

(He lays one hand on his head on the end of this; Jimmy and Sheen are shocked at the statement.)

Jimmy: Left back?! That's terrible!
Sheen: Tell me about it! I can't be in a class with a bunch of babies who wet their pants and cry for their mommies!
Jimmy: Well, Sheen, technically, they'd be the same age we are now, and...we don't wet our pants and cry for –

(On the end of this, we hear the sound of a thumb sucking; Jimmy's eyes pop, and he turns them toward Carl as the camera pans to him. He is sucking his thumb like a baby and holding a stuffed llama doll. He instantly removes his thumb and puts the doll away embarrassingly.)

Carl: What? (Widen to frame all three.)
Jimmy: Sheen, I won't allow Miss Fowl to leave you back!
Carl: No way! We're the Three Amigops!
Jimmy: "The Three Amigops"?
Carl: Yeah, well, you see, I was making us name tags...

(On the end of this, he brings out a nametag reading "Amigops" and puts it on his chest. Close-up of it, it says Carl's name along the top and has crudely drawn pictures of the heads of himself, Jimmy and Sheen.)

Carl: (from o.s.) And I accidentally added a P to "amigos", so – (Widen to frame Sheen, who pushes Jimmy out of the way.)
Sheen: Pardon me, but MY LIFE IS ENDING!!!

(He shakes him madly on the end of this; widen to frame the hovercar.)

Jimmy: Don't worry, Sheen. (He gets in; Sheen follows suit.) We're gonna help you pass that math test if it takes all night!
Carl: Yeah! No one splits up the Three Amigops!

(He starts to climb aboard, but the hovercar instantly zooms off. One second later though, it returns on the other side.)

Jimmy: Sorry, Carl.
Carl: Okay.

(The llama enthusiast gets aboard and they zoom off. Transition to the exterior of the Neutron house, then cut to the three boys inside on the couch. Carl has moved his "Amigops" tag to the right side of his shirt.)

Jimmy: Okay, Sheen, show me what you usually do to study.
Sheen: Right! (Almost in an instant, he zips off the couch and the scene cuts to a close-up of the power button on the TV. One push, and it turns on; a wider shot shows he is watching Ultra Lord as he sits down.)

Ultra Lord: (on TV) I've come to welcome you...

(The show becomes obscured by the following conversation; Jimmy enters, holding the TV remote.)

Jimmy: Whoa-oa-oa! Sheen! What are you doin'?
Sheen: What? I always watch Ultra Lord while I do my homework! (Jimmy rolls his eyes and chuckles surprisingly.)
Jimmy: No wonder you're having trouble concentrating.
Sheen: (dazed) have...concentrating...

(His perspective of the TV, it shuts off. After a pause, he grabs onto it.)

Sheen: Hey! what's going on?!
Jimmy: Look, Sheen. If you want to pass tomorrow's test, ya have to pay attention. Now, let's try some questions from our textbook. Hit it, Carl!

(Close-up of a Geometry book with the title "Triangles Are Your Friends"; zoom out to show Carl is reading from it.

Carl: (reading) "Tom has three pieces of bubble gum." (Cut to Sheen, pointing one finger at a time and counts on each one; he continues o.s.) "If he trades all his gum to Ida for two raisins per piece..." (Back to him.) "How many raisins will Tom have?"
Sheen: What sort of idiot would trade bubble gum for raisins?
Jimmy: That's not the point.
Sheen: What is he, some kind of health nut?! If ya ask me, Tom needs counseling. And what kind of name is "Ida"? What's it short for: "I'd have preferred a different name"?!
Jimmy: Sheen, concentrate!
Sheen: I am concentrating. (pointing o.s.) Hey, look, TV.

(The dark haired procrastinator runs out of frame, and we hear a power up sound. Cut to him, seen from behind the TV as the Ultra Lord theme plays, and the TV suddenly turns off one second later.)

Sheen: TV go dark! (Cut to Jimmy, having used the remote.)
Jimmy: Carl, let's go to Plan B.
Carl: (giving a thumbs up) Right, Jimmy.

(Pan quickly to Carl having placed something on Sheen; the latter is now covered in various spherical metal plates, five on his shirt, three on his head.)

Sheen: What's this?
Jimmy: Negative Reinforcement. Every time you get distracted, Carl will issue a small shock to your thorax.
Sheen: Sounds like fun!
Jimmy: Let's begin.

(He reaches downward on the end of this. In close-up, he holds up a flash card reading...)

Jimmy: 7 × 7?
Sheen: 49!

(The scientist flips the card to the back, producing another card that says...)

Jimmy: 8 × 10?

(Sheen is somewhat unable to answer this time upon being drawn by a passing fly.)

Sheen: Hey look, a fly. (Cut to Carl as he presses a remote; he gets shocked.) OW!

(Back to Jimmy, his next card says...)

Jimmy: 6 × 5?
Sheen: I'm thirsty. (Shock.) OW!

(A noticeably now ticked-off Jimmy shows the next card, reading...)

Jimmy: 9 × 9? (Sheen sees the fly from earlier.)
Sheen: There's that fly again! (Shock.) OW!

(Jimmy, annoyed, holds up one more card reading...)

Jimmy: 12 × 10?
Sheen: I don't like this game! (Shock.) OW! Carl! (Carl giggles mischievously; he points o.s.) Hey, look, TV.

(For the third time, he runs out of frame; cut to just behind Jimmy as the TV is switched on and Sheen sits down to watch the Ultra Lord show.)

Jimmy: This is useless!
Sheen: Jimmy, don't give up on me! (Close-up.) You're my only hope!
Jimmy: Well... I suppose I could... (shakes head) Nah.
Sheen: What? What?
Jimmy: Well...well, I could turn the Brain Drain helmet into a Brain Gain helmet, but I don't think that – (Sheen zips over and grabs him.)
Jimmy: (stammers) Sheen, it's never been tried before, the risks would be enormous!
Sheen: I don't care about that! The only thing I care about is that – (Bouncy music plays from the TV; he stammers.) What were we talkin' about? (scratches head, points o.s.) Oh, look, TV.

(He zips toward it for the fourth time in three minutes. The boy genius lays a hand on his head and shakes it slowly; Carl presses his remote to shock the o.s. Sheen.)

Sheen: (from o.s.) OW!
Jimmy: I'll get started on the helmet.

(Transition to an extreme close-up of the modified Brain Drain helmet, now modified with two large antennas and reshaped to fit Sheen's head. On the start of the next line, zoom out to frame all three boys; Sheen sits on a chair front and center, having stripped of the metal plates and wearing the helmet, Jimmy has donned his lab coat and typing on a keyboard at a machine on the far right, Carl stands on the far left and looks on.)

Jimmy: Don't worry, Sheen, I'm just going to stimulate your cerebral cortex.
Sheen: Stipulate away, Jimmy! I trust you completely!
Jimmy: (turning around) Ya do?
Carl: Three Amigops, Jimmy.
Jimmy: Three Amigops.

(The boy genius turns around and continues typing. In close-up, one switch is flicked upwards by his hand; the three light bulbs on the top of the machine begin to flash feebly. Jimmy presses another switch, and the bar next to it begins to rise from Low to High. Cut to Sheen, helmet doing its work as he fidgets in his seat. Two gauges reading DC Kilovolts and DC Amperes start to increase as their needles work their way to the right; Sheen fidgets more as Carl looks on, now sipping from a cup of Purple Flurp and holding a single cookie. Extreme close-up of the light bulb on the top of the helmet; Sheen stops fidgeting as it goes out. Cut to Sheen's warped, disoriented perspective of Jimmy; the next line starts off distorted, but gradually becomes normal as the image resolves into itself.)

Jimmy: Well, Sheen? How do you feel?
Sheen: (Pauses) Pretty stupid.
Jimmy: Oh, well. Can't say we didn't try.
Sheen: No. I mean, pretty stupid of you to forget the binomial expansion of a negative prime number yields its equal and opposite trigonometric value.

(On the second half of this line, cut to his perspective, zooming slowly past a wide eyed Jimmy to a nearby chalkboard with various equations. Cut to Carl as he gasps, cookie and drink dropping to the ground.)

Carl: He spoke math! He spoke math!
Jimmy: It worked! Sheen, you're a genius!

(Zoom in on Sheen slowly.)

Sheen: (fingers on temples) Brain pulsing... (gestures with arms) thoughts racing...I am a genius!

(Wide shot of the room; he jumps off his chair and the others dance around him. The following lines overlap each other.)

Sheen: Go, Sheen! Go, Sheen! You're a genius! You're a genius!
Jimmy: Woohoo! Yes!
Carl: Yeah!

(Cut to Sheen and Goddard at the park, both squared off against each other in a Chess game with three boards, two levitating above each other. After Goddard does his move, Sheen manages to make Checkmate, winning as Goddard's jaw drops. In the lab, Jimmy and Carl get down a bit, the latter no longer wearing his "Amigops" tag, while Sheen plays a high energy melody on a fiddle.)

(Back to the park, Sheen has now challenged Jimmy, no longer wearing his lab coat, to a Chess game. After some time, Sheen makes his move to make Checkmate, causing Jimmy to stare in disbelief and wonder. The lab; the three boys get down again, Jimmy once again wearing his lab coat. The park; now Sheen has challenged Carl to a game of Llama's Day Out, which they were playing before in "Hypno Birthday to You". Sheen thinks and slides his llama pawn all the way to the finish, and Carl hyperventilates at this.)

(The lab; in close-up, Sheen vigorously works with a Rubix cube until he manages to get every side solid; Jimmy stands in the background on a crate. A zoom out shows he is blindfolded; Jimmy removes it, and Sheen smiles at his victory and walks off, tossing the cube into Jimmy's hands. The boys get down with Sheen on the fiddle again, and he finishes the melody as Jimmy walks up from behind him and lays a hand on his shoulder, both trading triumphant smiles.)

(Transition to the classroom; Miss Fowl steps forward holding a stack of sheets.)

Miss Fowl: Remember, children. (Close-up.) Don't think of this as a final exam, think of it as 95% of your grade!

(She leans forward on the end of this, and squawks as she walks o.s. Cut to Jimmy, who looks over at the o.s. Carl; he no longer wears his lab coat.)

Jimmy: Psst, Carl. (Cut to Carl, who turns around.)
Carl: Hmm?

(In close-up, Jimmy points one thumb over at the desk behind him, but gets no response. He holds up a flash card, reading "Where's Sheen" as the camera zooms in on it. Carl lifts his glasses and reads it.)

Carl: "Where's Sheen?" (Miss Fowl lays the stack of sheets on Jimmy's desk.)
Miss Fowl: Yes, Jimmy, where is our friend Sheen today?

(We hear the sound of a door opening; cut to Sheen as he slams it open and enters the room, holding a crossword puzzle in one hand.)

Sheen: (Vulcan salutes) Good morrow, scholars. (Crosses to desk) Sorry I'm tardy, I was doing this morning's crossword puzzle in pen.

(He holds the puzzle up on the end of this; cut to Cindy, turning her head towards the now smart Sheen.)

Cindy: Big deal. My dad and I do the crossword puzzle all the time.
Sheen: (standing up) In the Beijing Times?

(He holds the puzzle up on the end of this, and one shake causes it to unfold three times until it hits the ground, revealing it to be a really long puzzle. Every word has been answered; widen to frame Miss Fowl as she crosses over to him. All other students are working on their tests, and she hands out his during the next line.)

Miss Fowl: Here's your test, Sheen. (He takes it...) Take a seat and get started. (...and starts writing, zoom in on her slowly.) Remember, class, if you get stuck on a question, just skip it and come back to it late –
Sheen: (from o.s., raises finished test into view) DONE!
Miss Fowl: (raising her glasses) What? But that's impooooossible.

(She takes the test back on the last word; cut to Sheen, arms folded.)

Sheen: Well, I would have finished sooner if someone hadn't been blathering away.
Miss Fowl: Sweet muffins! These answers are right!
Sheen: Of course, they're right! They're obvious to anyone with half a brain, let alone this slack-jaw collection of nitwits!
Butch: (stands up) Hey! My doctor says my jaw's only slightly slack!
Cindy: Yeah, Ultra Dork. Since when did you become Lord of the Smarts?
Sheen: Since yesterday! Observe!

(He gets out of his seat and heads off; pan quickly to the chalkboard, a pull-down sheet of the Periodic Table of Elements is here, Sheen studies it and points at...)

Sheen: Rb: Rubidium. Alkali metal discovered in 1861, melting point 39° Centigrade.

(Another quick pan; the sheet has been pulled back up, taken its place is a picture of...)

Sheen: Neptune, eighth planet from the sun. Principal moons: Triton and Nereid. Named for the Roman god of water.

(Pan quickly to Carl; Sheen stands next to him.)

Sheen: Carl Wheezer. Mammalian order: primate. 70% water, 20% carbon, 2% mucus. (Carl sneezes. 1% mucus. Any questions?

(Cut back to Miss Fowl.)

Miss Fowl: Yes. How would you like to sit DOOOOWN?!

(The class launches into a round of pleads for Sheen to sit down; Jimmy shakes his head slowly. Cut to Sheen, sounding suddenly evil.)

Sheen: Go ahead, mock all you want! The barbs of a tiny brain are as nothing to me! (Cackles, innocently) Miss Fowl, could I be excused?
Miss Fowl: No!
Sheen: May I not be un-excused?
Miss Fowl: Y-y-yes?
Sheen: PSYCH!

(The Ultra Lord fan cackles madly and rushes out the room; Miss Fowl gives an annoyed groan in turn. Cut to Jimmy and Carl, totally

Carl: Jimmy, what's wrong with Sheen?
Jimmy: I-I don't know! His IQ should have stopped increasing hours ago, I'd better get to the lab. (raises hand) Miss Fowl, will you not let me not leave the classroom?
Miss Fowl: No. (Pauses, grunts) Yes.
Jimmy: Thank you.

(The boy genius leaves his seat; Miss Fowl groans to herself as a result. Cut to Carl at his desk, worried.)

Carl: (to himself) Jimmy and Sheen need me, I can't let 'em down. (raises hand, standing up) Miss Fowl? Can I never ever not be dis-excused sometimes? (Miss Fowl aims one emphatically pointed finger at him.)
Miss Fowl: Plant it!
Carl: (sadly, sits back down) Okay.

(Cut to a close-up of a wrench held by Jimmy's arm, once again wearing his lab coat. It tightens a screw on the Brain Drain helmet; close-up of Jimmy hammering something. Fade to black, and in to a top-down view of him drilling something into the helmet. Close-up of the hole being drilled in; cut to a flame gun as it fires; fade to white, and in to a close-up of Jimmy as he bends down and picks up the Brain Drain helmet, now reverted to its original state.)

Jimmy: Done.

(Cut to outside Jimmy's clubhouse; the door slams open revealing Jimmy as he runs out, no longer wearing his lab coat and helmet in hand. In close-up, he looks at his watch.)

Jimmy: Carl, Carl, can you read me? (Close-up of the watch, Carl is on the screen.)
Carl: (onscreen) Jimmy, Sheen's at the Candy Bar. But you'd better hurry, Things are getting ugly!

(Cut to the exterior of the Candy Bar and tilt down to its entrance. Cut to a sign reading "Guess how many beans are in this jar & win a free sundae!" and zoom out to reveal the jar of candy behind it.)

Sheen: (from o.s.) I said – (Cut to him, head suddenly increased in size.) "Give me my free sundae!"
Sam: And I said there's no way you could've known there were 12,082 beans in that jar without cheating yet!
Sheen: I told you, I used a complex algorithm, based on the dimensions of the jar!
Sam: Uh-huh. Yesterday you thought seashells were money! Today you're using algorithms?
Sheen: Yesterday, I wasn't a genius! Now, give me my ice cream, monkey boy!

(He pulls Sam forward on the end of this; widen to frame Carl watching.)

Sheen: I heard that, Carl!
Carl: (backing away) I didn't say anything.
Sheen: I heard your thoughts! You think I'm being an annoying doofus!

(He turns his seat back around; Jimmy enters with the helmet.)

Jimmy: Carl, I found the Brain Brain helmet and got here as fast as I – Leapin' electrons! (Sheen eats a scoop of the sundae before him.) What happened to Sheen's head!?
Cindy: (stomping forward) Neutron, this has your stink all over it!
Carl: Jimmy! Sheen's brain is still growing! And he's also being an annoying doofus.

(Sheen suddenly turns around, offended.)

Sheen: I knew it! (Jimmy approaches, Libby and Nick joining.)
Jimmy: Sheen, the math test is over, so it's time to turn you back to normal.
Sheen: I don't want to go back!! I'm seeing things clearly for the first time! Besides, everyone loves the new me!
Others: NO WE DON'T!
Sheen: SILENCE!!!

(He holds one hand out on this; close-up on the jukebox as it flickers, while thunder noises are heard. Its lights/power go out, as do the lights in the entire store. Cindy, Carl and Jimmy stare awestruck at this sudden blackout, followed by Captain Betty, who stops eating the sundae before him.)

Jimmy: Trust me, Sheen. You don't want to be a genius, always having to help people with homework...
Libby: (comes forward) Always endangering the town with your stupid inventions...
Cindy: (getting in Jimmy's face) Always being a pain in the butt...
Jimmy: Nobody asked you! (to Sheen) So I'll put this helmet back on your head, and...
Sheen: (holding one hand out) Don't come any closer, Neutron!
Jimmy: Butch, Nick, grab him!

(The bully and leather-coated cool kid come toward Sheen on either side and grab either hand; zoom in slowly.)

Sheen: (maliciously) You disappoint me, Jimmy.

(His hair begins to wiggle by itself and in a long shot, Jimmy is suddenly pushed backwards across the floor as it breaks up in a line. Sheen begins to laugh evilly, and Jimmy sits up from his fall while Sheen gives him an evil glare; iris out to black.)

Part Two

(Opening shot: Iris in to an extreme close-up of Sheen's eye and zoom out, framing all of him as he laughs. Butch and Nick are still holding him; in an instant, the former is telekinetically pushed out of the scene by one hand, followed by the latter. Sam enters in the background.)

Sam: Hey! Little Big Head! I just cleaned there! (Sheen rises off the ground.)
Sheen: My intelligence is wasted here; I should be building empires, commanding armies! (Close-up of Jimmy/Cindy/Libby; he continues o.s.) Today, Retroville – (Back to him.) Tomorrow... THE WORRRRLD!!!

(He generates a blue sphere with his hands and fires it at the ceiling, making a big hole. Cut to an overview of the Candy Bar as Sheen floats through the hole and upward past the screen, then cut to Libby.)

Libby: Don't tell me that's just hormones. (Pan to Jimmy.)
Jimmy: I don't understand it! I was only trying to boost his IQ so he'd pass the math test!
Cindy: (from o.s.) Oh! (she gets in his face.) Is that all? And what if we all went around freakishly enlarging our friends' heads, huh?!
Butch: (Runs by in the background) Ooh! Me first! Me first! (pause) Was that a rhetorical question?

(He walks o.s. as the boy genius and his rival stare at each other for a few moments. Cut to frame Carl, somehow mooning over Sheen's leftover sundae.)

Jimmy: Carl, follow me. (Starts to leave)
Carl: Right behind you, Jimmy!

(Both boys make their way towards the door, but Carl suddenly stops and turns back to the sundae. As Jimmy exits, Carl runs to the sundae and collects it, then follows. Transition to a close-up of a pedistal in Jimmy's lab; the Brain Drain helmet is placed on it – back in its Brain Gain upgrades – by Jimmy, once again wearing his lab coat. Cut to a long shot of the room as he sits down in his chair; Carl joins him, still holding the sundae. Close-up on the two during the next line.)

Jimmy: Vox, analyze Brain Gain helmet to determine maximum possible I.Q. increase.

(On the screen, a model of Sheen spins around; a "Maximum IQ" counter in the lower right begins to count up rapidly.)<br.

Vox: Analyzing.

(As the IQ counter starts going up, both Jimmy and Sheen watch the screen as the head of the Sheen model begins to grow slowly. The counter still continues increasing, and the head begins to grow so big it starts to block out all other parts of the screen. Jimmy's eyes widen at the action, and the IQ counter finally stops – each of the three boxes displaying an infinity ring.)

Jimmy: (from o.s.) It's just like I feared!

(Long shot, now the head has grown so big that only the eyes are showing.)

Jimmy: If left unchecked, Sheen's IQ will keep growing to infinity!
Carl: Wow, he'll be really good at board games.
Jimmy: No, Carl. You don't understand. Sheen's brain is programmed to keep growing – If we don't get that Brain Drain helmet on him soon... (Zoom in to an extreme close-up.) His head will explode.

(The red-haired buddy lets out a terrified scream, and he lets the still new sundae fly over his shoulder to hit the ground behind him.)

Carl: Ewwwwww!

(In town, the traffic has suddenly decreased and the sky has turned a deep grey. Sheen floats through the streets, head now grown to the size of a life-size statue, and stops at a truck in front of Lucky Joe's. One flick of his hand, and the truck disassembles itself, and he floats by while the man standing next to it runs off.)

(Cut to a nearby fire hydrant and tilt upwards to reveal Sheen, who stops floating and turns toward it. A blaze of telekinesis from his hands causes it to explode; an overview shows it firing its water upwards like an endless fountain.)

(Sheen continues floating until he arrives at a nearby hot dog stand. One fire, and it is flung out of the way, along with its male vendor. The hot dog that was on it floats down from the sky and levitates before him, along with a tube of mustard; Sheen telekinetically spreads it across the hot dog and gulps it entirely, then floats a napkin over his mouth to pat it clean.)

(Now Sheen floats over to a golden abstract sculpture on a black stand in the park. He holds both hands out before him, causing the statue to reshape itself. When he finishes, he floats over to his finished masterpiece: the statue has suddenly changed into a black throne with gold accents like a motherboard. Sheen sits down on it, and he floats it over the streets of downtown, where various citizens are at their business.)

Sheen: Attention, Retroville!

(No response; close-up of him.)

Sheen: I said... (loud, booming voice) ATTENTION, RETROVILLE!!!

(The last syllable echos and thunder sounds as the whole town finally turns their attention to him. Cut from one set of citizens to the next, alarmed at what will happen next.)

Sheen: Don't be alarmed, unless you find it alarming that I'm declaring myself supreme overlord of the town, in which case, be very alarmed!

(The citizens share conversations of worry as the camera cuts between the groups. Back to Sheen.)

Sheen: And now, for my queen. I shall choose the fairest and most beautiful of the town's females. 00:16:13 I'm afraid of commitment. 00:16:15 I didn't mean you.

00:16:19 Libby Folfax, come on down! 00:16:22 Oh, he must be bugging. 00:16:24 (yells) LIBBY: Get me down. 00:16:28 Reign with me, Libby. 00:16:30 Together we shall rule Retroville in glory. 00:16:33 I don't think so. 00:16:35 But you'll be a model. 00:16:36 Portraits will depict you in the finest robes and jewelry. 00:16:39 Sheen, there is no way I'm... 00:16:42 Did you say robes and jewelry? 00:16:44 What the heck-- I'll give it a shot. 00:16:47 Huzzah! 00:16:48 Sheen said he wanted to rule an empire. 00:16:51 Disguising the brain drain helmet as a crown might convince him to put it on. 00:16:55 But Jimmy what if he reads our minds? 00:16:57 Just keep your mind on other things. 00:16:59 Think of baby llamas frolicking in the meadow. 00:17:02 Okay. 00:17:03 (all crying out) So you see, Libby, the force between any two bodies is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. 00:17:23 Sheen, let them down! 00:17:25 No, that's gravity. 00:17:26 We haven't gotten there yet. 00:17:28 Hail, mighty overlord! 00:17:31 What the .. 00:17:34 We have brought you a magnificent crown, crafted from the finest semiprecious metals, to celebrate your glorious reign. 00:17:42 Hmm... 00:17:42 It is rather fetching. 00:17:44 Bestow it on my head. 00:17:46 Not you... 00:17:48 Carl. 00:17:48 (thoughts echoing): Baby llamas in the meadow. 00:17:52 Baby llamas in the meadow. 00:17:53 Oh, no, one of them's escaping. 00:17:56 He's heading towards town. 00:17:58 "Town" rhymes with "crown"! 00:17:59 Jimmy and I disguised the brain drain helmet as a crown! 00:18:04 I heard that. 00:18:05 Sheen, please, we're trying to help you. 00:18:06 Your brain is growing at a dangerously fast pace! 00:18:10 Silence! 00:18:10 You have plotted against the overlord. 00:18:13 Your insolence has angered me! 00:18:21 Oh, no! 00:18:24 Jimmy I don't like lightning. 00:18:26 It makes my hair stand up funny. 00:18:29 Dance, you tinybrains. 00:18:31 (yelling) Keep dodging, Carl. 00:18:35 I have an idea. 00:18:43 What's going on? 00:18:43 I've deflected the lightning by turning that radio antenna into a supermagnet. 00:18:48 Hmm... very resourceful. 00:18:49 But let's see how quickly you think in... 00:18:50 quicksand. 00:18:53 (yelling) Libby, what kind of decor were you thinking of for our castle? 00:19:01 Oh, Sheen, stop it. 00:19:01 You're hurting Carl and Jimmy 00:19:03 I prefer a classic contemporary feel, but I'd consider French colonial. 00:19:07 This is the end. 00:19:08 My entire life's flashing before my eyes. 00:19:12 Good-bye, world. 00:19:14 Okay, why aren't I sinking? 00:19:17 Carl, your high body-fat content is making you sink less quickly. 00:19:21 Maybe you could reach into my knapsack. 00:19:23 Jimmy I'm sure Miss Fowl will give us extensions on our homework. 00:19:28 Just do it. 00:19:28 Now, feel around for my shrink ray. 00:19:32 Found it. 00:19:33 Good. 00:19:33 Aim it at that light post. 00:19:42 (grunting) Bravo, very impressive. 00:19:50 You've had your fun, Sheen. 00:19:52 Now, let us go. 00:19:53 Yeah, just let them go, Sheen. 00:19:55 Hmm... I do grow bored. 00:19:57 Perhaps it is time I spare you. 00:20:04 "Spare," get it? 00:20:06 It's a pun. 00:20:07 (yelling) (laughing maniacally) Poor Sheen. 00:20:14 "Poor Sheen"? 00:20:15 He just used us to practice his seven/ten split. 00:20:18 Yeah, but his head's still going to explode, and Sheen's still our best friend somewhere deep down. 00:20:25 Wait a minute-- that's it. 00:20:28 Hey, yeah! 00:20:29 Now, when you say, "it"...? 00:20:31 Somewhere deep inside that giant brain is the old Sheen. 00:20:34 If we can reach that part of him, we might have a chance. 00:20:38 Well, how do we do that? 00:20:43 I control the wind, and I shall rain fire down from the heavens. 00:20:49 Good-bye, Sheen the overlord. 00:20:51 Hello, Sheen the god! 00:20:53 (thunder roaring) That's it, I've had it with you and your big, freaky head. 00:20:58 Wait, come back. 00:20:59 You'll like being the wife of a god. 00:21:02 I'll let you choose the patio furniture. 00:21:04 (powerfully): Greetings, One called "Sheen." Ultra Lord? 00:21:14 Left, right... 00:21:16 left. 00:21:17 Okay, stop, Carl. 00:21:19 Is it really you? 00:21:21 You betcha. 00:21:22 I have come to welcome you to the pantheon of the super-powerful. 00:21:27 Wait a minute. 00:21:28 How do I know you're not an impostor? 00:21:31 Hmm... I see your point. 00:21:32 Well, I guess I'll be on my way. 00:21:38 Wait, don't go. 00:21:39 It's just the odds of meeting the actual Ultra Lord at this very moment are 16,755 to one. 00:21:45 Well, if you want to make sure it's me, why not ask me a series of difficult trivia questions? 00:21:52 Hey, good idea. 00:21:53 Be ready on the Ultra Lord Web site, Carl. 00:21:55 I'm on it, Jimmy 00:21:57 Where were you born? 00:21:58 (keys beeping) On planet Mektar, in Vector 8 of the Nebulon Galaxy. 00:22:07 Good. 00:22:08 What's your favorite snack? 00:22:10 Nitrogen bar and a decaf latte. 00:22:12 Correct-- What did Robofin say when you blasted him with your ion ray? 00:22:16 (sneezing) Ow! 00:22:20 That's right! 00:22:21 He said "Ow." Yeah, you are Ultra Lord. 00:22:24 Join me, Ultra Lord. 00:22:25 With my brains and your magna-canons, we'll rule the universe! 00:22:30 It's a deal, but first I need an ultra favor. 00:22:34 Anything-- just name it. 00:22:36 I need you to... drain your brain 00:22:39 Huh? 00:22:40 But... but why? 00:22:42 You're too smart. 00:22:43 The other super-powerful guys will think you're annoying. 00:22:47 I won't do it. 00:22:47 Your hero, Ultra Lord, commands you. 00:22:51 I won't. 00:22:52 Put it on! 00:22:53 You dare to order me! 00:22:55 Feel the wrath of my brain 00:22:58 (static buzzing) Jimmy .. 00:23:10 and Carl. 00:23:11 What have I done? 00:23:12 I've lost my two best friends in the world. 00:23:15 What good is it to be ruler of the world if it means destroying everything you once held dear? 00:23:25 On the other hand, I'd never have to do my own laundry. 00:23:30 No, no, no... 00:23:31 it's got to be done. 00:23:34 Good-bye, brain old friend. 00:23:45 Sheen? 00:23:47 Jimmy Jimmy 00:23:48 Thank goodness you're alive. 00:23:50 I thought I'd lost you guys forever. 00:23:52 Hey, Sheen, your head's not horrendously bulbous anymore. 00:23:58 Carl, old buddy, I've learned a priceless lesson today. 00:24:01 You mean about how friendship is an immutable bond that can weather the harshest storm? 00:24:05 Yeah, something like that. 00:24:07 So how long do I get to keep the costume? 00:24:10 Ow, that hurt! 00:24:11 Ow, that hurt! 00:24:12 Maybe it's worn off by now. 00:24:14 Ow, that hurt! 00:24:16 Ow, that hurt! 00:24:19 Ow, that hurt! 00:24:20 Ow, that hurt! 00:24:23 No, Sheen, the chemical name of salt is not Hermie Schwartzbohm! 00:24:28 (bell rings)

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